Thursday, January 5, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday: Charmed

Several years ago, I acquired a charm bracelet from my mother which, she stated, belonged to my Aunt Bertie Johnson.  The bracelet was made during World War II and the charms are symbolic of that period- hand grenade, soldier, missile, bullet, land mine, airplane, and U.S. military emblem.  

Mom stated that Aunt Bertie received the bracelet from a "boyfriend" who was stationed overseas during the war.  Since Aunt Bertie is no longer living, I can't inquire about the story behind the charm bracelet.  Was the "boyfriend" her future husband, James Moree, or was it someone else?  Mom didn't know.  I know very little about the man that married my Aunt Bertie.  He died when I was seven years old.  Maybe I can get more information from someone in the family at our reunion later this year.  

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