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Family Albums: Simmons Family, Christmas 1998

Simmons Family Gathering
Christmas 1998

Home of Charles & Susan Bourgoyne
Columbia, Marion County, Mississippi

Teresa "Cookie" Morgan Simmons (blue blouse) with children
Jessica, Jason & Jerome

Jessica Renea Simmons

Timothy Jerome Simmons with grandfather Alton Simmons

Alton Simmons with grandchildren:
Jason, Jessica & Jerome

Pamela Kay Powell Boleware (center) with 
son Joshua David Thornhill (left) and husband John Richard Boleware

James "Bully" Lege & Lucretia Fay Powell Lege

Pam & Richard

Cynthia Ann Balfontz Wiginton & Matthew Alan Wiginton
with daughter Josie Leanna

Gertrude "Gertie" Simmons Wiginton & James Wiginton (center) with
Cynthia, Matt, Josie, Debbie & Pam

Sandra Rennae Powell with daughter Suzanna Lennae Helveston

Gertie & James

Frank Dalton Powell Jr (blue shirt) & Terry Lynn Lucas Powell with children
Jennifer Lynn, Frank Dalton III "Trip" & Channing Dion

Lula Sue Simmons Powell

Frank Dalton Powell Sr

Susan Gail Stogner Bourgoyne & Charles Raymond Bourgoyne with children
Cristina (holding Tyler), Ryan & Cherie

Pam, Debbie & Lucretia with their father Berley Alton Powell

Trip has his arms full holding his cousin Tyler

Uncle Alton was teasing Jason about getting his picture taken

Lena Mary Rockforte Bourgoyne

Cookie & Pam browse through our family history album

Enjoying Christmas dinner

Lennae has her first taste of dumplings, yes she loved them!

Dinner was delicious, as always!  

Aunt Gertie sampling a piece of fried turkey

Tyler had played until he was worn completely out!

Charles and I had a house full of guests for Christmas that year, but we enjoyed every minute of it!  Our house on Spell Drive was somewhat small but we managed to make it all work.  Charles put huge plastic tarps around the carport to help keep some of the freezing wind out.  Most of the men gathered in the carport while the women stayed indoors.  The cold weather didn't seem to bother the children too much because they played outdoors or in the carport.  

Charles hooked up the turkey fryer that year and, at Uncle Alton's request, he fried 6 turkeys.  Yes, 6 turkeys! He started cooking at the break of dawn that morning.  Uncle Alton wanted 2 or 3 turkeys to take home with him and he loved the way Charles fried turkeys.  (It's been a couple of years now since I've had a fried turkey.  When I do have fried turkey, I always think of Uncle Alton)

Mom did the honors of preparing the cornbread dressing and chicken 'n dumplings- that was her specialty.  She was so happy to have the family together.  She talked about it and made preparations for weeks ahead of time.  

Aunt Gertie brought her specialty, Pistachio Salad, and a couple more dishes.  I prepared a Heavenly Hash cake, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge, Cherry Cream Cheese Brownies and some vegetables.  Everyone brought along a covered dish so there was plenty to eat!  

Debbie was feeling sick that day but she put forth her best efforts to be a part of the gathering.  We all had a wonderful time together and now we have the lasting memories to treasure from that day.  

I was busy as a bee, taking snapshots on the go.  My family used to fuss because I constantly had my camera in close range, ready to take a quick photo at any given moment... but, just look at all the memories I've captured! ;)

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