Thursday, January 19, 2012

Memoirs of Lula Sue Simmons: Part 11, Grandpa Took Care of It

From Mom's memoirs I gather that her Grandpa "Bob" (Johnson) had zero tolerance when it came to his grandchildren possibly being placed in harm's way.  When others gave the children trouble, he simply took care of it, one way or another.

When our cousins would come over to see their grandparents then we would have someone new to play with.  We would meet them half way up the road.  But Benson May their uncle and Alton would fight, and when they wasn't fighting they would pick on the smaller kids.  This day they was fighting over a big Persimmon tree.  Benson said it was on Mr. Mays land and Alton said it was grandpaw's.  Well Gertie got hit by a flying presimmon [sic] and did she cry   So with her in tow and crying I brought her home and told the grandpa.  Well time he got down there Benson and Alton was gone and our little cousin was gone too.

Well grandpa just happen [sic] to have a real sharp ax with him so guess what happen [sic] to the tree.  Let me just say it was no longer there to be fussed over.

Between the fenced yard and the road was a big oak tree.  This was our play area when Gertie and Elton was with us.  Everyone that drove down that little gravel road knew that kids were out playing.

But there was one who just didn't slow down and that was John    he would drive just as fast as that old truck would go.  Grandpa had asked him    had talked to Uncle Albert about his driving but he just wouldn't listen.  So late one night, knowing John would be comming [sic] down that road early in the morning before anyone else   Grandpa dug a ditch across the road    covered it with paper    put a little sand over it and sat on the porch and waited for John.

The road wented [sic] down the hill across a little creek.  So the ditch was dugged [sic] at the the top of the hill.  Did John have a suprise [sic] comming [sic] to him!

He hit that ditch going full speed     bounced down that hill over the bluff and into the creek.  Grandpa walked out to the road and he could see John crawling out of the truck    so he got his shovel     cover the ditch up and wented [sic] into the house.  John never did ask any question [sic] nor drive fast by our house again.

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