Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Albums: Simmons Family, Christmas 2004

Simmons Family Gathering
Christmas 2004

Home of Charles & Susan Bourgoyne
Columbia, Marion County, Mississippi
Me and hubby Charles
Our children- Crissy, Ryan & Cherie
Our clan- Left to right: Tyler, Crissy & Matthew, Me & Coby,
Ryan, Cherie & Charles
Crissy & husband Ryan with their son, Matthew
Charles and I with Matthew
Four Generations- Me, daughter Crissy, grandson Matthew
and my Mother, Lula Sue
Aunt Gertie and children Debbie, Pam & Matthew
Sisters Lucretia, Debbie & Pam
Pam and Uncle Berley (her father)
Debbie & Dwayne Ward
Pam and Richard Boleware
Timmy and Theresa "Cookie" Simmons

Sisters Cortney "D.D.", Meichelle & Misty
Sisters Gertie & Lula Sue
Charles & Matthew
My grandson Coby
Me, daughter Cherie and grandson Coby
Cherie and her son, Coby
My mother-in-law Lena Mary Rockforte
Sandy, Mom, Frank Jr and Me
My niece, Jennifer and her son, Conner
Zachary (Darla's son) couldn't take anymore-
he had to have some nap time ;)
Coby and I
This Christmas was very special because it was the last time our extended family were all together for Christmas Day. Since then, many have moved away, married and started families of their own. Since then, Mom and Uncle Berley have passed away. Charlie and I had a huge crowd for Christmas dinner; over sixty family members and friends would spend the day with us and enjoy good food and joyful laughter. The memories of this Christmas will linger with me for many years to come.

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