Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Letter to Future Generations

My Dear Descendant or Relative,

I'm grateful that you have discovered this online journal and hope that you will enjoy reading the pages thereof.  As of today, January 01, 2012, this journal is barely three weeks old so there is much work to yet be done.  I hope that my days remaining in this life will be enough to accomplish my initiative, and that is to share the family history that I've accumulated for the past 16 years.

There are a few things that I ask of you in return:

As you read information about older generations, you will find, in a few cases, where ancestors married close relatives such as first or second cousins.  Do not make harsh judgements.  Society has changed much since the days of our older generations.  Bear in mind the social situations of their era- families lived in close communities, usually on farms and were self-sufficient; they did not travel to and fro as we do now, so therefore the opportunities to meet others, outside their own communities, were very limited.

If you see what you perceive or know is erroneous information, please leave a comment with that post to make appropriate corrections, or you may email me.  Remember that I am only human, and as such, I am prone to errors in typing and transcribing information.  Furthermore, there is limited information on some of our ancestors at this time.  In the future, there may be more information available of which I am unaware of at present.  Corrections are necessary in order to carry forward the most accuate accounts of our ancestors.
If you desire to add a story or some knowledge about your ancestors or relatives here, please do so by adding it to the comments section for that post.  You may also add a link within your comment to your own blog or domain.  I encourage sharing of information about our loved ones or ancestors.

Finally, I hope that you are encouraged to carry our family history forward.   Let's keep the memories of our ancestors alive!  Genealogy and family history are truly a work of heart; their memories shall never die as long as we carry their stories forward for the next generation.  I encourage you to write your own family story, share your life's history- your descendants will one day appreciate it.  

Remember, other things in life may change us but we always start and end with Family :)

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