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Treasure Chest Thursday: Preston J. & Vella Duncan Stogner 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo

Preston Jefferson Stogner and Vella Duncan were united in marriage on 29 January 1921 in Walthall County, Mississippi.   They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with their children in 1971.  In the above photo, they are seated with daughter Eddie Rea.  Their sons, shown on the back row, are (left to right)- Clyde, Alton, James, Felder and Jefferson Preston "J.P."  This lovely family photo was contributed by Mrs. Artherine Mullins Stogner.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Preston Jefferson & Vella Duncan Stogner

Photo credit:  Bill Sullivan

NOV. 1, 1898
NOV. 2, 1985

APR. 27, 1906
JAN. 12, 2002

JAN. 29, 1921

Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
Walthall County, Mississippi

Memorial listed on Find A Grave
maintained by Bill Sullivan
Click here for link

Obituary: Audrey Elizabeth Seal Stogner

Audrey Elizabeth Stogner, 88, a resident of the Myrtles Nursing Home in Columbia, died there March 29, 2008.  Visitation will be from 4 to 9 tonight at Carson Springs Baptist Church.  Services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the church with the Rev. Carl Dickens officiating.  Burial will be in Carson Springs Cemetery.  Hartman-Hughes Funeral Home in Tylertown is in charge of arrangements.
Mrs. Stogner was born Aug. 28, 1919, in Washington Parish, La.  She was the daughter of Dolphus and Laura Alice Fortenberry Seal.  She was a homemaker and a nurses' aide.
Mrs. Stogner was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Floyd Stogner; two grandchildren, Bruce Stogner and Stacey Eric Stogner; one great-grandchild Leina Elizabeth Malendres; one brother, William Talmadge Seal; and four sisters, Adrine Calendar, Rosalie Daigre, Charlotte McDaniel and Mecia Knight.
Survivors include four sons and three daughters-in-law, Floyd and Rose Stogner, and Paul and Sharon Stogner, all of Columbia, Charlie Stogner of Sandy Hook, and Milton and Coleen Stogner of Poplarville; four brothers, Charles Seal of Bogalusa, La., Daniel Seal of Varnado, La., Edwin Seal of Norfolk, Va., and Pat Seal of Florida; 16 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren.
Serving as pallbearers will be Kyle Stogner, Wendell Stogner, Jake Keith, Ritchie Stogner, Mike Keith and Thomas Malendres.  Serving as honorary pallbearers will be Danny Stogner, Roger Crain, Jesse Crain and Chason Stogner.

Obituary contributed by Bill Reagan

Monday, March 26, 2012

Military Monday: Widow Martha Pigott Stogner Seeks Claim to Bounty Land

Martha Pigott Stogner, the widow of Ezell Stogner was attempting to locate military service records of her late husband as indicated in the letters of correspondence below.  If she could prove that her husband had been engaged in military service, then she would be entitled to bounty lands, provided under Act 3, March 1855.  The allotment of bounty land under that act was 160 acres.

Dated Jan 28, 1859
Hon. Geo. C. Whiting
Com. of Pensions,  Sir
I leave the honor to enclose herewith the application of Martha Stogner widow of Ezell Stogner for bounty land under Act 3, Mar 1855.  Will you please examine the rolls of Capt Thomas Geo. Mil. War of 1812 in the Regt. commanded by Col. Newman.  
Signed by J.T. Stevens

As shown in the letter above, Mrs. Stogner received a reply from the auditor's office of the Commissions of Pensions:

Dated April 26, 1859
The name of "Ezell Stogner" is not found on the roll of Captain's xxxx, xxxx (unable to decipher writing) or John Thomas's Company's of Georgia Militia on file in this office.  In order to make a further search, additional information is neccessary.  

Again, J.T. Stevens corresponded with the Commissioner of Pensions office on behalf of Mrs. Stogner as shown in the letter below:

Additional evidence
Martha Stogner widow of Ezell
No 297364
Act 3, Mar 1855
Washington City
June 20, 1859
Hon. Geo. C. Whiting,
Com. of Pensions
Sir, I leave the honor to acknowledge receipt of your favor of the 1st reist. (?) respecting the claim of Mrs. Martha Stogner widow of Ezell Stogner No 297,364 for Bounty Land under the Act of Mar 3, 1855 and to request an examination of the rolls of Captain John Cunningham and Captain Joseph Cunninghams' Companies of Geo. Militia War of 1812, in Col. Newman's regiment.
Signed J.T. Stevens

Mrs. Stogner was informed by the Commissioner of Pensions office that a search through their records had been successful:

Aug 5, 1859
Ezell Stogner, a Private, served in Captain John Cunningham's Company Georgia Militia from the 23 Aug 1813 for 6 mos until the 5 March 1814, when company was discharged.

The last correspondence leaves me to question- did Martha Stogner actually receive the bounty lands?  A search through the land records database may provide an answer.  

Thank you, Bill Reagan, for providing copies of these historical documents!

Floyd Stogner, 1916-1969, Walthall County MS

Floyd Stogner and wife, Audrey Seal Stogner
Photo contributed by Bill Reagan

Floyd Stogner, son of Thomas Edward Stogner and Susan Cordelia McCain, was born 21 April 1916 and died 18 June 1969 in Walthall County, Mississippi.  Like several of his siblings, he was laid to rest in Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Walthall County.  He married Audrey Elizabeth Seal, daughter of Dolphus Seal and Laura Alice Fortenberry, on 10 October 1936 in Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana.  They had 4 sons- Floyd Edward, Charlie, Paul and Milton Everett.  Floyd Stogner was my paternal grand uncle, the brother of my grandfather Lewis Edward Stogner.

Delhia Stogner, 1909-1988, Walthall County MS

Delhia Stogner and husband, George Ellis Sorrell

Delhia Stogner, also spelled Deliah, Dehlia, was born 11 January 1909 in Mississippi, the daughter of Thomas Edward and Susan Cordelia McCain Stogner. She died 21 March 1988 in Walthall County, Mississippi and was laid to rest in Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Walthall County.  She married George Ellis Sorrell on 29 October 1925 in Walthall County, son of William Sorrell and Sarah A. Stogner.  They had 5 known children, all daughters- Leatrice, Dixie, Bonnie Jean, Joyce Sue and Veona.  Delhia was my paternal grand aunt, sister of my grandfather Lewis Edward Stogner.

Celebrating Grandpa Stogner's 82nd Birthday

Grandpa Stogner was born this day, March 26, in the year 1897.  On the same day, 82 years later, several of the Stogner family members gathered in his home to help him celebrate the special occasion.  It so happened that in 1979, Grandpa's birthday was on Easter Sunday.  We had a wonderful time together and the memories are priceless.  I saved the newspaper article from that special day:

Grandpa's birthday cake

Grandpa lived a long, mostly healthy life.  He passed away on December 20, 1988 at the age of 91 years.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Personal Thoughts: Feeling a Sense of Loss

Thanks to the generosity of a cousin and fellow Stogner researcher, Bill Reagan, I now have copies of several photos of that line of my family.  I consider those old photos to be "treasures" in my chest of family collectibles. 

Although I am truly grateful to Bill for the photos, at the same time I feel somewhat "cheated".  Why?  Because I did not have the opportunity to know the persons reflected on the paper images.  I would not have recognized them if they had walked right up to me, face to face.  I didn't even know they existed until my family research journey brought their names to my attention.  

Of course, some of them had passed from this life before I was born so, therefore, I didn't expect to come to know them.  Yet, there are the ones that were living and breathing during this same period, this same generation, as I.  When I consider that many of my Grandpa Stogner's siblings lived until the 1980's and 1990's, I wonder why- why didn't I know them?  After all, they were my grand uncles and grand aunts!  I could understand it more had we lived in a different state or country, but the families lived less than 20 miles or so apart!  

I grew up in Louisiana, separated from the Stogner family by distance, yet I visited often during holidays and summer breaks.  I rarely heard mention of my grandparents' siblings.  Why is that?  Since my grandparents are deceased, I can't seek an explanation from them.  What brought about the familial distance between them?  I realize that some families tend to fall away from each other as time progresses- so I wonder, was that the case here?  Were the siblings close to each other to begin with?  Perhaps not.  If there were family reunions, I wasn't there nor had knowledge of them.  Sigh. 

I only know that while I browse through the photos of the strangers, who were my family, I sense a feeling of loss.  I observe their images on film and wonder who they were, as people.  What were their beliefs, their ethics, their thoughts and behaviors?  I somehow missed out on knowing this whole other side of my family.  I sense they were good people and I know I would have loved them.
All I have are the photos and a few tidbits of demographical information on them.  I have no stories to share about their lives and no real knowledge to carry forward in their honor.   All the more reasons why families should stay in touch with each other- not only for themselves and the sake of family ties, but for future generations to come.  Family stories and memories become buried under the heap of yesterdays if they're not treasured and kept alive today.  

Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 13): Childhood Photos

I have a few photos of me when I was very young.  I scanned them and did the best I could with the images.  They remain somewhat blurred but they are old, just like me, heehee!

I was about a year old in this Easter photo.  This photo was taken behind a rental house on what is now Lafayette Street in Columbia.  Several of the old wood framed houses still remain.  

I was probably between one to two years of age when this photo was taken, though I'm not sure where it was taken at.  That was a cute dress though ;)

I had this photo and the one below developed from slides.  It was my 2nd birthday and Mom had dressed me in a beautiful pink dress.  

I really wanted one of those pretty roses made from icing!

My 3rd (or maybe 4th) birthday.  I believe this photo was taken at my Grandma Stogner's house.  I'm not sure who purchased the tricycle for me or why I was pouting.  There's no telling because I was spoiled rotten then!

Sunday's Obituary: Preston Jefferson Stogner

Contributed by Bill Reagan

Funeral services for Preston J Stogner, 87, were Monday at Carson Springs Baptist Church with Revs. James McCraney, Bob Lowery, Donald Allen and Enos Branch officiating.  He died Nov. 2 at his residence. Stogner was born Nov. 1, 1899 (correction inked in) in Walthall County, son of Thomas Edward and Cordilla McCain Stogner.  He was a farmer.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Vella Duncan Stogner, Sandy Hook; five sons, J.P. Stogner, Prentiss; Felder Stogner, Angie; James Stogner, Sandy Hook; Alton Stogner, Tylertown; Clyde Stogner, Middlesboro, Ky; one daughter Mrs. Eddie Ree Reagan, Tylertown; one brother, Lewis Stogner, Columbia; three sisters, Stella Haley, Tylertown; Delia Sorrell, Sandy Hook; Evie Schillings, Bogalusa; 22 grandchildren; 37 great-granchildren.
Pallbearers were David Stogner, Kenny Stogner, Jimmy Stogner, Jeffie Stogner, William Reagan and Wallace Reagan.  Honorary pallbearers were Roy Thomas, Lawrence Moore, Charles Duncan, Thad Thomas, Billy F. Kennedy and Homer Crain.  
Burial was in Carson Springs Cemetery with Hartman-Hughes in charge.

Evie Stogner

Evie Stogner & Lawson Schilling
Photos contributed by Bill Reagan

Evie Stogner, the daughter of Thomas Edward and Susan Cordelia McCain Stogner, was born on 07 June 1914 in Mississippi.  She married Lawson Schilling, son of Daniel Schilling and Sarah E. Knight, on 04 January 1932 in Walthall County, Mississippi.  They had at least one son, Lawson Schilling Jr.  Little else is known of her at this time.  Evie was my paternal grand aunt, the sister of my grandfather Lewis Edward Stogner.  

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Death Certificate: Susan Cordelia McCain Stogner

(Click on document to enlarge)

The death record of Susan Cordelie (Cordelia) Stogner reflects that she was hospitalized for 4 weeks in the Walthall Hospital in Tylertown, Mississippi prior to her death on 17 November 1950.  According to Dr. Crawford, the cause of death was arteriosclerotic cardiovascular-renal disease secondary to uremia.  She was 71 years old at the time of death, a widowed housewife and a resident of the Sandy Hook Community in Walthall County, Mississippi.   She was the daughter of Ned McCain and Ann Turnage.  The informant at the time of death was Mrs. Delhie Sarrell (her daughter, Delhia Stogner Sorrell).  

Death Certificate: Thomas Edward Stogner

(Click on document to enlarge)

According to this document, Thomas Edward Stogner was hospitalized in Columbia, Mississippi for 7 days before his death.  The causes of death are listed as myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle), chronic congestive heart failure and pernicious anemia according to Dr J. Gardner.   He was 68 years old at the time of his death on 26 March 1943 and had been a resident of Sandy Hook in Walthall County "all his life" where he was a farmer.  He was survived by his wife Cordelia McCain Stogner who was also listed as the informant and he was the son of Thomas Stogner and Lizzie Stubbs.  

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Historical Document- Marriage Record: Thomas Edward Stogner & Susan Cordelia McCain

Marriage Record for Edward Stogner and Miss Cordelia McCain
dated 19 March 1895

Attached to the affidavit is a note supposedly written by the bride's father, Edward McCain:
March 19, 1895
Mr G C Mayson, Clerk of Chancery & Circuit Court
Sir you will please to issue licens to Ed 
Stogner to marry my daughter 
Cordelia MaCain and oblige
your friend
Edward MaCain

The affidavit signed by Cordelia's father was probably necessary due to the fact that she was just 16 years old at that time.  I don't have proof of their exact date of marriage as the bottom of this record was not completed.

Children of Thomas Edward & Susan Cordelia McCain Stogner

i.   Lewis Edward Stogner-  born 26 March 1897, died 20 December 1988 in Columbia, Marion County, Mississippi, burial in Foxworth Cemetery, Marion County;  married (1) Julia A. McKenzie on 01 February 1918 in Marion County, married (2) Iva Louetta Peak on 07 June 1926 in Marion County.
ii.  Preston Jefferson Stogner-  born 01 November 1898, died 02 November 1985 in Walthall County, Mississippi, burial in Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Walthall County.  Married Vella Duncan on 29 January 1921 in Walthall County.  
iii.  James W. Stogner- born 11 June 1901, died 04 July 1908, burial in Thomas E. Stogner Cemetery, Walthall County, Mississippi.  
iv.  Hannah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Stogner- born 24 August 1903, died 24 December 1938, burial in Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Walthall County, Mississippi.  Married Murphy Kelly Turnage on 08 December 1925 in Walthall County. 
v.  Stella Mae Stogner- born 1908, died 1991.  Married (1) Benny B. Haley  (2) Charlie Chalmus Sorrell  (3) Lewis Jordan.  No other information.  Dates of marriages unknown at this time.  
vi.  Delhia Stogner-  Also spelled Dehlia, Deliah, born 11 January 1909, died 21 March 1998 in Walthall County, Mississippi, burial in Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Walthall County.  Married George Ellis Sorrell on 29 October 1925 in Walthall County.
vii.  Levi Stogner- born 22 February 1912, died 09 December 1974 in Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana, burial in Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Walthall County, Mississippi.  Married Ozzie Kennedy on 26 November 1936 in Walthall County.
viii.  Evie Stogner- born 07 June 1914.  Married Lawson Schilling on 04 January 1932 in Walthall County, Mississippi.
ix.  Floyd Stogner- born 21 April 1916, died 18 June 1969 in Walthall County, Mississippi, burial in Carson Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Walthall County.  Married Audrey Elizabeth Seal on 10 October 1936 in Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana.  

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(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Daughters of Thomas E. & Susan Cordelia Stogner

The beautiful girls in the photo above were the daughters of Thomas Edward Stogner and Susan Cordelia McCain Stogner.  Pictured (oldest to youngest) are: Hannah Elizabeth "Lizzie", Stella Mae, Delhia and Evie.  This photo was taken about 1920.  Photo contributed by Bill Reagan.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Frank Dalton Powell Sr

Frank Dalton Powell, Sr.
Frank Dalton Powell, Sr., the man I call "Dad", was born in Marion County, Mississippi, the son of the late Berley Arlo Powell and Letha Marie Bedwell.   His earliest childhood years were spent growing up in the "Bedwell Community" in rural Foxworth, Marion County.  The family later moved closer to town.  After the death of his mother, Frank lived with his grandparents for the most part.  There was a brief period of time that he and his siblings lived with their father and stepmother, but his best memories come from those years spent with his grandparents.  

Like most young males in that time, Frank gained employment at an early age.  One of his first jobs was delivery of newspapers.  With the money earned from that job, he purchased his first bicycle.  Just before he was of legal age to acquire his drivers license, Frank drove a truck for a local meat/grocer owner, making deliveries and running errands as needed.  Eventually, he was hired to butcher meat and it was that training that would lead to his future employment as a meat cutter.  

Frank enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1956, serving a period of four years.  He states that his stent in the Navy took him places he would have otherwise never had to opportunity to visit.  Frank met Lula Sue Simmons while on one of his leaves from service.  They promised to keep in touch so when Frank returned to naval service, he and Sue were "pen pals", writing each other as often as possible.  I wrote about their relationship in my Sharing Memories posts- see Oceans Apart, Coming Home, Dilemmas, Secret Vows, and Their Secret Revealed.  Frank married Lula Sue Simmons on 08 December 1960 in Columbia, Marion County, Mississippi. She was the daughter of Woodrow Wilson Simmons and Susie Johnson.  She had previously been married and had a young daughter from that marriage, Susan Gail (me).  

During the first few years of their marriage, Frank and Sue resided in the Columbia and Hattiesburg areas in southern Mississippi.  Their first child, a son, was born on their first anniversary- Frank Dalton, Jr.  Just 18 months later, their daughter was born- Sandra Rennae.  Frank and Sue, along with their three children, moved to Jefferson Parish, Louisiana and it was there that their last child was born- a son, Tony Duane.  Frank was employed as a meat cutter with the A&P (Atlantic & Pacific) Food Stores for many years.  After the children were all in grade school, Sue worked with the same company, but she was a meat wrapper in their packaging plant.  Frank and his family resided in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana for several years while working and rearing their children.  

After their move back "home" to Columbia, Mississippi in the mid-1970's, Frank managed the meat department at the Real Value Food Store, locally owned and operated by Prentiss and Emma Pritchard, while Sue was employed as a meat wrapper with Jitney Jungle Food Stores. They puchased a house on Lafayette Street in Columbia and resided there for several years.  

After 26 years of marriage, Frank and Sue divorced.  Their house on Lafayette Street was sold.  Frank later married Shirley Swafford on 20 June 1987, but their marriage was brief.  On 13 September 1990, Frank married Velma Jean Odom.  They remained together until her death on 09 January 1996.  After the death of Velma Jean, Frank moved in with his younger brother, Berley, who was also single.  They shared the expenses of maintaining a home which benefited each of them.  The two brothers spent a lot of time together- traveling, camping and going to church.  For ten years, the arrangement worked out well for Frank and Berley, until Berley's death on 28 March 2006.
Though they considered themselves friends after their divorce, Frank and Sue spent more time together after each lost their companions.  They often spoke on the phone and occasionally had coffee together.  They took a trip together, spending three weeks on the road from Columbia to Canada and back.  That was Sue's last "big trip".  When Sue's health deteriorated, Frank was a good friend to her, assisting her as much as possible during those last few months of her life.  Sue died 14 November 2007.  

Frank later moved to Spring, Texas where he currently resides with his youngest son, Tony.  He visits back "home" as often as possible and continues to enjoy road trips.

1. Mom & Dad, c.1978  2. Dad with children Susan Gail, Sandra Rennae & Frank Jr  3. Dad with great-granddaughter, Caroline Lashae  4. Powells: Ethel, Selma Ruth, Berley Arlo (their Father), Berley Alton & Frank Sr. 5. Siblings Ethel & Frank Sr  6. Siblings Frank Sr & Berley Alton

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Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 12): Family Additions

Mom & Dad, Spring 1961

Let's see, where was I in my story? Oh yes, Mom wanted to have more children... three more children to be specific. Well, she was granted her wish.

On their first anniversary, Mom and Dad were welcomed by a new baby boy. I don't remember anything about my baby brother coming home from the hospital because I was only two years old (nearly three) when he was born. Mom said she would have to watch me closely, however, because I would try to pick him up and play with him like one of my baby dolls. She told me that one day she was outdoors taking the laundry off the clothes lines and she heard Frank Jr. crying. She rushed inside to find me sitting in the rocking chair with him, scolding him... "Be quiet, baby!". She never figured out how I was able to get him out of his crib.

Mom & Dad with Frank Jr and I, 1962

A mere eighteen months later, Mom delivered a baby girl whom they named Sandy. They had their hands full, I'm sure, with three young children. Mom was defining the term "barefoot and pregnant" in those days. She still desired one more child before she called it "done". 

Mom & Dad with Sandy & Frank Jr, 1964

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Tombstone Tuesday: Margaret Ann Turnage McCain

Photo credit:  Gwen Langley Pittman

Born Mar 28, 1856
Died July 10, 1900
(Small inscription hard to decipher)

Turnage Chapel Cemetery
Marion County, Mississippi

Memorial listed on Find A Grave,
maintained by Gwen Langley Pittman
Click here for link

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Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 11): Dad and Daddy

It didn't take long for Mom and Frank to settle into married life. Right away they talked of having children. It had been Mom's desire to have four children- one down, three to go.

They had the painstaking task of "undoing" the effects of having one spoiled little, LOL. I had been allowed to pout and whine to get my way, without hardly being punished for my misbehavior... thanks to my Granny and uncles. Mom agreed with Frank that he should treat me like his own child and discipline me accordingly. As long as he was doing it properly, Mom would not defend me or stand in his way. It took time and patience but eventually my behavior improved and I was no longer the screaming little brat that demanded everyone's attention.

Eventually, I would call Frank "Dad". After all, he earned the right to the title. Just like Mom, he fed me, bathed me, clothed me and held me. He was, and still is, everything I needed in a father. When I mention "Dad", it is Frank that I am referring to. When I mention "Daddy Charles", it is my biological father that I am writing of. I just wanted to make that clear so there will be less confusion for my readers.

I have many wonderful memories of times spent with Daddy Charles which I will write about as well.  I treasure them enormously.  How blessed I was as a child to receive love from two fathers, each in their own special way :)

"Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DAD"...

Historical Document: Marriage Record, Robert Seaborn Turnage & Mary Ann Terry

Mary Ann Terry and Robert Seaborn Turnage married 10 March 1892.  
The wedding ceremony was officiated by William Ball.

Robert Seaborn Turnage was the son of Robert Daniel Turnage
and Martha Ellen Pigott Turnage.

Children of Robert Daniel and Martha Ellen Pigott Turnage

Thus far my records reflect the following information on the children of Robert Daniel and Martha Ellen Pigott Turnage:

i.  Thomas Robert Turnage- born 24 June 1850, died June 22, 1928; burial in Turnage Chapel Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  Married Courtney Dillon.
ii.  James Monroe Turnage- born 13 May 1852, died 21 Nov 1932; burial in Turnage Chapel Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  Married Elizabeth E. Davis on 29 Jan 1874 in Marion County, MS
iii.  Eli Nathaniel Turnage- born 28 April 1853, died 23 March 1931; burial in Turnage Chapel Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  Married Theodocia Jane Davis.
iv. Margaret Ann Turnage- born 28 March 1856, died 10 July 1900; burial in Turnage Chapel Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  Married Edward "Ned" McCain.
v. Martha Gaberline Turnage- born 26 June 1859, died 20 August 1904; burial in Turnage Chapel Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  Married Arnold Winston Davis.
vi. William Elia Turnage- born 19 December 1859, died 27 May 1935; burial in Turnage Chapel Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  Married Leodocia Williamson.
vii. Elizabeth V. Turnage- born 09 November 1861, died 07 February 1928; burial in Turnage Chapel Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  Married William Edward Tynes on 17 February 1881 in Marion County, MS.
viii. Robert Seaborn Turnage- born 27 September 1864, died 25 September 1932; burial in Turnage Chapel Cemetery.  Married Mary Ann Terry on 10 March 1892 in Marion County, MS.
ix.  Helen Rose Turnage- born abt. 1866.  No further info.
x.  Louisa M. Turnage- born February 1869, died 27 May 1949.  Married Walter Theophilus Clark.
xi. Ella Elnora Turnage- born abt. 1870.  Married James Thomas Graham.
xii.  Sarah "Sally" Florence Turnage-  born 12 April 1875, died 03 June 1927.  Married John O'Quin.
xiii.  Lozanie E. Turnage- married Nicholas James McCain.  No further info.

Family Group Sheet obtained from Bill Reagan
Federal Census Records 1850-1910

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tombstones: Robert Daniel & Martha E. Pigott Turnage


Wife of 
Born May 28, 1829
Died Feb. 20, 1897

Both are buried in 
Marion County, Mississippi

Memorials listed on Find A Grave
managed by Gwen Langley Pittman,
click here for link.

Death Record- Robert Daniel Turnage

Death Record for Robert Daniel Turnage

This record, IF accurate, shows that Robert Daniel Turnage was born 01 Nov 1818 and died 23 May 1919. He was 100 years, 6 months and 22 days old at the time of his death, according to this record.  Several family historians have his birth year listed as 1825.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 10): Their Secret Revealed

It had to happen sooner or later. Most secrets are not kept hidden for long, with a few exceptions.

Over two weeks later, on a Sunday morning, Mom was getting dressed for church. Frank knocked on the door and was greeted by her mother. He was invited inside to wait while Mom finished getting ready. The living room was full of Mom's family members... her brother Alton and his wife were there, as well as her brother Elton and others. Frank was growing a little anxious and was hoping his wife would hurry so they could leave.

Then the question came. The question that demanded an answer. With a firm tone and raised eyebrow, Granny approached Frank. "I am going to ask you something Frank, and I want an honest answer. I want to know if you and Sue are married." She hesitated a moment then continued, "If the two of you are not married, then you should be".

Frank froze in silence for a moment. He needed to think quickly. Did Sue give their secret away? What should he say? What did her mother mean by saying we SHOULD be married? What did she know? He wanted to be honest, yet he didn't know how to respond. He would just simply tell the truth, regardless of the outcome. "Yes, we are married... and we have been married for two weeks". There, it was out. Their secret was exposed.

Granny: "Well, why have ya'll kept it a secret? Why didn't you two say anything? It would have been nice for the family to be a part of your wedding."
Frank: "First of all, you don't like me. I don't know why, but you never have liked me. Second of all, my grandmother doesn't agree with me marrying Sue. Therefore, Sue and I have no place to stay." He went on to explain to Granny that he had been saving to get their own place.
Granny: "Well, it doesn't matter now what we think. Since you two are now married, you should be together. You are welcome to move in here, and stay until you can get your own place."
Frank: "We should be able to get our own place in a week or two, so it won't be long".
Granny: "It doesn't matter. Stay here as long as you need to."

When Mom entered the living room, she was briefly reprimanded by Granny for keeping the marriage a secret. She was stunned that the secret was out, yet relieved at the same time. She glanced at Frank, wondering what had been said. He would explain it all to her on the way to church.

When they arrived at church, Mom whispered the news to Frank's sister about the marriage. Before church was over, everyone knew. The cat was out of the bag. Before long, everyone in the county would know about the marriage. Gossip spreads fast in a small town, especially in this little town full of people with nothing better to do, LOL.

Mom and Frank lived with Granny for a few weeks then settled into their own apartment. The times were hard, and they knew they would have to struggle for a while, yet they were together.... finally. Granny never did say anything further against Frank. She grew fond of him and over the course of time she learned to love him as if he were one of her own sons.