Saturday, January 14, 2012

Favorite Photos: Try These on For Size!

When my grandson Coby was two to three years old, he loved big shoes!  If there was an empty pair of shoes in the living room or bathroom, he would sure try them on for size then walk around the house in them.  It didn't matter if the shoes were spike heels, tennis shoes, flip flops or house slippers- he tried them all!  

I used to tell him, "Boy, you have a LONG way to grow before you fill those big shoes!".  It's nearly 8 years later and he's edging closer and closer to filling them ;)

Coby is the son of Cheresa Renae Bourgoyne and James Gerrick Rowley.

Photo from my archives, 2004


  1. So sweet! One day he will have a little one trying to fill his or hers shoes.

    1. One day all too soon... time flies! Thanks for the comment :)