Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Jewel Mason Stogner Jr

NOV 12, 1972
MAY 11, 2000

Back of Vase:
Son of Doris and Jewel
Bro of Tammy
Uncle of Corey and Casey

Foxworth Cemetery
Foxworth, Marion County, Mississippi

Memorial listed on Find A Grave
Maintained by Susan Bourgoyne
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I can not imagine the heartbreak of losing one of my own children.  It has to be the most difficult event a parent has ever faced.  Mason's mother, my Aunt Doris, talked to me briefly about that fateful day.  She said that she was at work and heard sirens screaming as the ambulance passed the store.  She prayed under her breath that it was nothing real serious and that whoever the ambulance was going to see, that person would be okay.  Unfortunately, Aunt Doris learned soon afterward that the ambulance was headed to her son's place.  If my memory is correct, she said that Mason was on the rooftop of his trailer, trying to repair a television antenna.  He was apparently electrocuted by wires attached to the antenna.  Mason's sudden death devastated the family.  He was 27 years old.  No lessons in life can prepare us for such a tragedy and the deep feelings of loss sustained afterward.  

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  1. Yes I remember that day I was with my mama and we were at meat masters I had come by to talk to mama and James on my way to pick my son up from school we seen all the cops and the ambulances we had no idea it was going to Allen road when we found out that he got electrocuted mama went on to the hospital daddy was already there I couldn't go I jus couldn't believe it I was thinking in my mind that he would be ok and my friend Mary at meat masters was washing my face I was losing my mind then I got a call saying Tammy u need to come I was screaming and crying and had a friend to drive me when I got there I still had hopes I would not accept it as I was walking in I heard a lady say that she loss her son (mama) and I grab the nurse and I screamed please try again please but she looked at me and said they have done all they could do I fell to the floor on my knees screaming and crying I had jus loss my only sibling my best friend and someone I loved more than I can say it tore our family up I have been lost since please keep me and my family in ur prayers.