Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sentimental Stories: A Baby's Feet

Nathan's little feet, April 2009

What is it about a baby's toes that I love so much? I love to gently rub these tiny little feet and watch his toes curl when I touch them. They are so soft, so delicate. Sometimes I can't resist placing a light kiss upon the soles of his baby feet.

These tiny feet will grow quickly. Hopefully, they will take him upon a long journey through life, through many miles during his life on this earth. They will allow him to stand, a little unsteady at first, until he progressively learns that he can make them move forward.... and backwards too. They will cause him to stumble and fall a few times, perhaps causing him to acquire a few bruises here and there, but he will learn how to manuever them to perfection. These little feet will learn to walk, then run. They will spend a lot of time in forward motion, as the master of them runs to greet his parents and his friends. They will turn the wheels of a tricycle then later a bicycle then an automobile; they will climb upon ladder rings leading to slides and monkey bars, and they will leap to catch balls and frisbees.

One day, all too soon, these delicate little baby feet will grow to their full capacity, bearing the weight of a full grown man. My wish is that they will take him through a long, beautiful journey in his life.... and that one day, these precious little feet will become those of a wise and well traveled old man.

I love you, my precious grandson.

From my personal blog, originally written April 25, 2009... for my grandson, Nathan

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