Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memoirs of Lula Sue Simmons: Part 4, Time to be a Child

Thus far, Mom's memoirs have reflected how mischievous and conniving her older brother Alton was.  He loved to get a good laugh, even when he knew the consequences of his pranks would be a good old-fashioned spanking.  He also manipulated his siblings in order to get out of doing chores- yep, he was a down-right menace!  Yet, Mom loved him and the two of them carried a close family bond into their adult years.  

Mom wrote more about her outlaw brother Alton:

Late one afternoon Mama brought some things in from town that had to be taken to Grandma before dark.  She gave this to Alton and told him to take it over there for her.  Well on the way down to the river he came across my cousin Dimple and I playing and talked us into taking it for him.

While he watched us cross the river and told us how to wade with the current so it wouldn't knock us down we made it just fine.  But on the return trip he was bored and ready for a good laugh.  So he told us comming [sic] back that we would have to wade against the current which he knew in this swift part of the river would be impossible for two small girls.  When Mama heard him laughing she knew he was into something.  Of course time she got to the river she saw two little girls that looked like drowned rats and a boy that was having a good laugh.  

Needless to say what happened after she got us home.

I can remember having two suits of clothes and one pair of shoes.  All of the under clothes we had was made with flour sacks.  After school we would change clothes and work.  Because after work it was play time.  Time to go hunting, fishing and swimming.  time to be a child.

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