Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Favorite Photos: A "Grand" Event

"I'm a Grandma!"

My husband and I with our first grandchild, 
Damon Tyler Rowley

In the midst of life's chaos, we are sometimes blessed with those "golden" moments that remind us how grand love is.  I had heard other grandparents talk about how wonderful it is to have grandchildren but I would not comprehend their feelings until I had a grandchild of my own.

The experience of holding my grandson brought back a flood of memories when I became a mother for the first time- there was the joy, the love, the awesomeness of that moment when I held that tiny creation of life.  Then there was the panic, fear and wondering if I knew what to do.  Becoming a grandmother for the first time brought back the joy, the love, the awesomeness and the worries, but experience gave me confidence and by then I knew what to do- how to calm a crying baby, how to wipe a nose, change a diaper and give unconditional love.  

Photo from my archives, 1997


  1. I love being a Nana! God blesses us with each smile, hug, giggle, and tear that a grandchild shares.

    1. There is nothing to compare to the love of a grandchild :)