Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sentimental Sundays: Our Family History Does Matter!

Like many other family historians, I've had those moments of doubts, those fleeting moments when I wonder to myself, "Am I wasting my time?", "Does anyone else care about our past?".  Since developing my Simmons Reunion facebook page and this family history blog, however, many of my doubts have faded.  It does help though to receive confirmation that our work as family historians is appreciated.  

I received such a confirmation last night in the form of a post on the Simmons Reunion facebook page:

Dearest Gail, 
I reaalllly appreciate all the time and effort you are doing to unite our family and family history. We all stay so busy and we are all so scattered. I feel like the love you have in sharing our stories is bringing us closer together. Thank you so very much. Your hard work is APPRECIATED AND WE LOVE IT. our younger generations are reading family history and seeing family they otherwise wouldnt know. We love you very much, Cookie & Tim

Those words of appreciation truly lifted my spirits and confirmed that my efforts in this project are worthwhile!  It means a lot to me to know that younger generations are interested and are actually reading our family history!  ;)


  1. It does bring a smile when out of the blue almost you realize your family really has been paying attention and gives kudos for what you are doing.