Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 2): Earliest Memory

I'm unable to recall my very first memory as a child as my memories that far back fall into a "group" of merely a few events before our family moved to Louisiana. 

One specific memory I recall is that of a wall hanging.  A large print encased in a simple wooden frame hung in our living area.  The print was that of the well known "Guardian Angel".  

I remember being captivated by the presence of the beautiful angel standing over the two young children.  The children in the print were about the same age as my brother and I were back then (age 2 and 4, respectively).   I recall asking Mom about the picture and she explained to me that it was a guardian angel looking over two young children.  Her explanation led to further questions- what is a guardian angel?  Is that me and Jr in the picture?  How did the angel get wings on her back?  I don't know the reason why but I honestly believed that the two young children in the picture were my brother and I.  Of course, as my mind matured I realized that it wasn't my brother Jr and I, but the picture became sentimental to me.  Several years ago I took the aged picture to a frame shoppe and had it matted and placed in a pretty gold frame.  The print is now nearly 50 years old and remains a part of my collection of sentimental treasures.

Update:  Unfortunately, this treasured print was lost during the tornado that swept through Columbia, MS on December 23, 2014.

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