Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Albums: Simmons Family, Christmas 1982

Christmas 1982
Simmons Family Gathering
held in the home of 
Alton & Sylvia Simmons

Lula Sue, Woodrow, Gertie and Alton

Gertie & Lula Sue

Gertie & Alton

Gertie with husband James (Wiginton)

Alton with wife Sylvia

Gertie with daughters Debbie (left) & Pam (right)

Susan Gail with husband Charles (Bourgoyne)

Lula Sue & Frank (Powell) with children
Frank Jr, Sandra, Susan Gail & Tony

Tony, Susan Gail, Sandra & Frank Jr

Susan Gail & Charles with children
Cherie, Ryan & Crissy

Woodrow Wilson Simmons

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