Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Historical Photo- Cutting Yellow Pine in Pine Burr


In the early part of this century, many yellow pines like this one were cut in the Pineburr community, which was located between Oloh and Baxterville.  Shown in the picture are, from left, Abb Johnson, Bob Johnson, Henry Johnson and Alex Johnson.  They worked for the Walworth and Neville Manufacturing Co. in Pineburr.  (Photo courtesy of C.D. Johnson)

Bob Johnson was my great-grandfather.  Abb and Henry Johnson were brothers of Bob Johnson (my great grand uncles).  They were the sons of Wilson "Babe" Johnson and Elizabeth G. "Betty" Fillingame.  Alex Johnson was their cousin. 

Bob Johnson was the "Grandpaw Bob" my Mom often mentions in her memoirs. She clipped this newspaper article several years ago from a local paper.  I have no knowledge of the date the article was published.

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