About Me

My interest in our family history began back in 1995 when Charles and I visited his Aunt Mary Rockforte who lived in Plaquemine, Louisiana. Her kitchen had bookcases in it which were overflowing with binders full of family group sheets and information relating to the many surnames on their side of the family. As I browsed through the Bourgoyne-Rockforte information, I found myself lost in all the history of the families. I copied a few of the family group sheets and that is where my research began.  Here I am, 16 years later- I've filled in quite a few of our family "branches".  

I began The Family Snoop on December 11, 2011.  Initially I posted tons of "tidbits" of information- mostly demographical information I have collected on a multitude of ancestors.  I am going back through these ancestors now, a little at a time, and adding more information to their biographies.  Doing the work of a family historian is very time consuming and I wish I would have established a family history blog many years ago so I would be further along by now.  It is so much easier to post the information on our family history here, online, rather than print out page after page of family group sheets to add to thick three ring binders that are already spilling over with information.  Since many of my family members do not have a membership with ancestry.com, I wanted a way to share the information that I have gathered through the years with them.  The Family Snoop was created to serve the purposes of sharing and preserving our family's history.  

I want to caution others whom are seeking their own family's history that all the information contained within this blog has not been documented.  I will upload images of documents and records, when available, to confirm information included in my posts.  Furthermore, I am not a professional genealogist, nor do I desire to be.  I work on my family history because I enjoy doing it and it is fulfilling.  I consider myself a family historian- passing along those tidbits of information I've gathered to others.  

I welcome comments and corrections on the information posted on this blog.  As a matter of fact, I believe it is important to provide the most accurate information possible.  If you see a mistake in the information posted here, please inform me.  Thanks!