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Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 1): From the Beginning

Several genealogy bloggers are participating in the Sharing Memories project.  Read more about it here.
Where does one begin when sharing their family history?  Lorine at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog has some wonderful suggestions- click here for more information. 

I've decided I will follow their progress and share my own story as well.  I had already written several stories of my childhood and loved ones in my personal blog so I will be carrying over many of those here.  I'm sure that as I post those stories, additional memories will come to mind, making my personal history even more inclusive.    Furthermore, I will include my personal memoirs, written over ten years ago.

This is my FIRST post in the SHARING MEMORIES project.

From my memoirs, written in 2001:

I decided to write down some of my memories because I want my children and grandchildren to have a little piece of history to add to their family albums- something they can pass on to future generations.  There have been many times during my genealogical research that I have wondered about my great-grandparents, which passed on before I was even born.  I have pondered thoughts about them, as individuals and as families, wondering what their lives were like.  My mother wrote down some of her memories and it meant so much to me that I decided to do the same.

I was born in the year 1959 in a small hospital within the city limits of Columbia, Mississippi to Charles Laverne Stogner and Lula Sue Simmons Stogner.  My mother named me Susan in honor of her mother, Susie.  Mom says I was bald, 'like a slick onion', and cried all the time- 'had a scream that would send chills down your spine'.  But, she proudly admits, 'you were a pretty baby, though, just a little too spoiled'.  She says that Granny spoiled me, that Granny would never allow her to spank me or correct me properly in front of her.  You see, Mom and I lived with Granny for a while.  She and my birth [biological] father separated before I was born.  I know from experience that Grannies can be a little overprotective at times, but that's part of what Grannies are for.

Mom remarried when I was just a toddler to a wonderful man named Frank Powell.  They had three children together- Frank Jr., Sandra Rennae (Sandy) and Tony Duane (Tony).  We were a close-knit family and never distinguished each other as being "half brother or half sister".  Frank Powell is the father who raised me, supported me and is still a big part of my life.  He's the one I call "Dad".  Mom and Dad lived in Columbia for about three or four years after getting married then decided to move to Louisiana, and that is where most of my childhood memories are.

From my personal blog, written April 30, 2009:

"This photo of me was taken during the summer of 1959. The dress, made of white sheer organza with embroidered blue roses, was purchased for me by my grandmother. Mom kept the dress safely tucked away within a cedar chest for many years. As I took it from its resting place one day, I inspected it with wonder... it was so little and delicate. The tiny blue and white roses remained intact and decorated the lacy collar. The satin baby blue ribbons flowed across the sheer bodice. I found it difficult to believe that the babe that once wore this petite dress was then more than forty years old. Here I am now, the big 5-0! Fifty... how time does fly!"

To be continued....

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