Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Granny Bounds Cemetery, Forrest County MS

The Granny Bounds Cemetery is located west off Highway 49, just outside of Brooklyn, Mississippi in what is now Forrest County.  There are a total of 31 known interments in this cemetery, named after Naomi Rebecca Bounds, the wife of James Bounds and the one that is said to have been called "Granny Bounds".  It is also claimed that Naomi was full-blooded Choctaw Indian.  

Photo Credit:  William Tatum

Photo Credit:  William Tatum

The cemetery is located in a wooded area down a two path road but the grave sites are well maintained.  Some of the older graves had been marked with chunks of red sandstone but it is said that a well-meaning individual moved the stones to one side of the cemetery to mow the grass.  Many of those old stones have been replaced by newer headstones, probably by their descendants.  

Family members buried in this cemetery directly linked to me are:

The grave marker that replaced the old one for
John E. "Jack" Anderson
Photo Credit:  Kerry Cayten

The new grave marker for Sarah Davis Anderson,
wife of John "Jack" Anderson
Photo Credit:  Kerry Cayten

Memorials listed on Find A Grave
Added by Robert E. Lee
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The head stones of Joseph Anderson and wife Julia Ann Pushmataha, more famously known in the Anderson family circle as "Running Deer" also claim their spot in this cemetery.  Family history states that John E. "Jack" Anderson was the son of this couple.  I only wish there was documented proof of this information.  It is claimed that Julia Ann Pushmataha was the daughter of Choctaw Chief Mingo Pushmataha, an admired and well respected man of his time.  

Also called Julia Ann Pushmataha
Photo Credit:  Kerry Cayten

Photo Credit:  Kerry Cayten

If anyone has information to substantiate the connection of John E. "Jack" Anderson to Joseph Anderson, or of Julia Ann Pushmataha to Choctaw Chief Mingo Pushmataha, please do not hesitate to contact me, thanks!


  1. Namoi Bounds was not Choctaw. She was a Cherokee medicine woman from North Carolina who could read and write. James Bounds brought her back from North Carolina as his wife. This does not mean there aren't Choctaw's buried there though.

  2. Hi, I have DNA tested and have a match with a father and son with the last name of Bounds. Have you or any of your family DNA tested? Curious to know if the Bounds surname originates in Mississippi. My ancestors lived in Virginia. Thanks for your time, Michele Holland