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Green Herrin, c.1816-1880, GA>MS

Green Herrin (seated), with sons William H. and James

Green Herrin, my maternal 3rd great-grandfather, was born c. 1816 in Georgia.  Some family records state he was the son of Green Herron and Julia Ann Reynolds but that remains unproven to my knowledge.  He married Cynthia Lott, daughter of Luke Lott and Cynthia Lee Herring.  She was born 11 March 1819 in Mississippi.

On the 1850 federal census of Marion County, Mississippi, Green "Hering" and his family resided next door to the Luke Lott family.  Green's household members were listed as- Green (head), age 35, C. (wife, Cynthia), age 25, N. (daughter, Nancy), age 6, M.A. (daughter, Mary Ann, age 4), B. ("Beth", daughter Elizabeth), age 2, and F. (daughter, LucyAnn) age 1.  

1850 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg 26

On 02 May 1859, Green Herrin purchased 160.29 acres of land in S17, T4, R16W, evidenced by a transaction recorded in the U.S. General Land Office.

Green Herrin Land Record, 02 May 1859,
Cash Entry, Lamar County, Mississippi

The 1860 federal census helps identify the children of Green Herrin and his wife Cynthia.  The family remained in Marion County, Mississippi and had grown quite considerably in ten years.  The household then consisted of Green Herrin, age 45, "Cyntha", age 40, Nancy, age 16, Maryann, age 14, Elizabeth, age 12, Lucyann, age 10, James, age 8, William, age 6, Julyann, age 4, Roseann, age 2, and Susan, age 1 mo. (on next page).   The record also states that Green was born in Ga while the others were born in Miss.

1860 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg 38

Thus far I haven't located Green's family on the 1870 census.  The next record I have of him is the 1880 federal census taken in Marion County.  By that time, most of Green and Cynthia's children had grown and were married with their own families.  Two daughters remained at home then- Roseann and Mary.  

1880 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Columbia, Dist 131, Pg 21

Green Herrin died in July 1880 (U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule).  Family history states that his wife, Cynthia, "died in 1919 while visiting relatives in Pine, Louisiana".  In 1919, Cynthia would have been about 100 years old- I can't imagine her "visiting relatives" at that age.  Maybe she was residing there with relatives, or maybe that statement is fictitious, but the facts surrounding her death are presently unknown.

Known children of Green Herrin and Cynthia Lott:
i.    Nancy Herrin, born about 1844
ii.   Mary Ann Herrin, born 10 December 1846, married Robert Boyd Newell
iii.  Elizabeth Herrin, born about 1848
iv.  Lucy Ann Herrin, born about 1849
v.   James H. Herrin, born about 1852, married Matilda Crawley
vi.  Julyann Herrin, born about 1856
vii. William H. Herrin, born 25 December 1857, married Sabra Crawley
viii. Roseann Herrin, born 30 October 1858, married Jefferson David Warden
ix.  Susan Herrin, born about 1859, married William Q. McLelland

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