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Luke Lott, c. 1770-1858, GA>MS

My maternal 4th great-grandfather, Luke Lott, was born c. 1765-1770 in St. George District, Charlton County, Georgia, the son of John Lott, Sr and Sarah "Sallie" Lightfoot.  A page from the tax list digest of Montgomery County, Georgia in 1797-1798 shows Luke Lott along with several of his Lott relatives- Arthur, Absolum, John Sr, John Jr, Robert and Luke.  

Montgomery County (Georgia) Tax List Digest,

In 1800, Luke Lott received a land grant of 200 acres in Montgomery County, Georgia.  Four years later, another land grant of 1,000 acres in the same county was issued to Luke Lott.  It was within this time frame at the turn of the century 1800 that Luke married Cynthia Herring (Herrin).

Luke Lott was in Wayne County, Mississippi by 1810 as his name appeared on the tax list that year.  He was taxed $1.75 for one poll and one slave (Territory Tax List, Wayne County, Mississippi, p.6-7).  His name later appeared on a petition to Congress, 27 Dec 1811, by inhabitants of the territory seeking to be combined with West Florida and made into a new state (Document: Territorial Papers of the US; Volume Number: Vol 6; Page Number: 255; Family Number: 72).

By 1813, Luke had arrived in Marion County, Mississippi as his name appeared on a Superior Court juror's list for the June 1813 term.  He was also enumerated in the Mississippi state and territorial census that year for Marion/Lawrence counties.  

Like several of his male peers and family members, Luke served as a Private during the War of 1812, in the 13th Regiment, Nixon's Command, Mississippi Militia.  His first muster date was 06 January 1815 and discharge date was 05 April 1815.  

There is no question that the Lott family of south Mississippi actively participated during the war: "From Archives and History, Jackson, Miss., War Memorial 25, 1960, it was found that in Lt. Col. Nixon's Regt. Miss Militia, War of 1812 included the following Privates, all of whom were from Marion County, Miss. Territory:  Arthur Lott, Jr., Arthur Lott, Sr., & Solomon Lott.  From another section of the same reference the following were included in Nixon's Regt. (13th), Miss. Militia, War of 1812:  Privates Abraham Lott, Arthur Lott, Jr., Arthur Lott, Sr., John Lott, Jr., John Lott, Sr., Luke Lott, Nathan Lott, Solomon Lott & William Lott, Sr.; Simon Lott was a Sergeant; William Lott, Jr. was a Lieutenant.  All of these were early Marion Countians and have many descendants presently living in Marion County and surrounding territory."  (Historical Notes, Columbian-Progress, December 3, 1964, "Marion Countians in New Orleans Battle", by Carroll Watts, chairman of the committee of Marion County Historical Society).  

The 1816 Mississippi State & Territorial Census, Marion County, shows Luke Lott with the following in his household:  1 male > 21, 4 males < 21, 1 female > 21,  2 females < 21, 1 slave.  

Mississippi State & Territorial Census, 1816
Marion County

Additional Marion County, Mississippi documents which mention Luke Lott are a land grant in township 4, range 17W, dated 06 December 1819, an Orphans Court record December 1821 term, and a tax list for 1825.

Luke Lott and his family appeared on federal census records in Marion County, Mississippi as follows:
1820: 1 male < 10 (Elijah), 2 males 10-15 (Jackson and Absalom), 1 male 16-18 (Jesse), 1 male 16-25 (Joshua), 1 male 45 and over (Luke, head); 2 females < 10 (Cynthia and Susannah), 1 female 10-15 (Mary), 1 female 26-44 (Cynthia, wife), and 1 male slave age 45 and over.  
1830: 1 male age 10-14, 1 male age 60-69, 2 females age 5-9, 1 female age 30-39. 
1840: 1 male age 60-69, 1 female age 15-19, 1 female age 50-59

By 1850, Luke and Cynthia's children had finally all moved out.  It was about time,- Luke was 80 years old then.  However, some of their children weren't far away at all- their daughter, Cynthia, had married Green Herrin, and their family resided next door.  Their son, Joshua, lived on the other side of them.   

1850 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi

Family history states that Luke's wife, Cynthia, died in 1850.  Luke died in 1858, Marion County, Mississippi.  Luke and many of his other Lott relatives were actively involved in both civil duties and politics in their area and in the early stages of development of the town of Columbia.  

Children of Luke Lott and Cynthia Herring:
i.    Joshua Lott  (1802-1875), married Rosanna Barnes
ii.   Jesse Lott (1805-1870), married Ellen Holden
iii.   Mary Lott (1808-1908), married John Whiddon
iv.  Absalom Lott (1810-1885), married Canzada Burt
v.   Susannah Lott (1813-1913?), married Henry Slade
vi.  Jackson Lott (1815-      )  No info
vii. Cynthia Lott (1819-1919?), married Green Herrin
viii. Elijah Lott (1820-1828) Died young
ix.  John Lott (1821-     ) No info
x.   Samuel L. Lott (1829-     ) No info

*** The children of Luke and Cynthia are not all verified yet.  I'm not certain the last two were their children.  They don't appear to be included in the 1830 census enumeration of Luke's household.   Furthermore, that census shows Luke and Cynthia had two females age 5-9 in their household- who were they? 


  1. Susan,
    Thank you for posting this Lott family information. I am looking for a Lott family expert who might know the ancestry of my GG Grandmother Margaret E. Lott b 1/6/1832, married Jonathan May 2/23/1856 Rankin MS, died 5/22/1919, buried Lodebar Methodist Church Cemetery Rankin Co., MS. Would appreciate any information or reference to other researchers.
    JR May

  2. Dear Susan, Sitting here in my grief over the untimely death of my personal hero Robin Williams I've traced his tree back to here. I hope you will give me permission to use Luke Lott's info on this wiki tree page.
    BTW we are cousins in many ways! Conerly's Simmons etc