Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update on Johnson Families, July 2012

I've been busy, busy, busy today updating information on some of my Johnson families.  I've expanded the information on the families of  James Absalom Johnson Sr, Edward Johnson, Wilson "Babe" Johnson, Robert "Bob" Johnson and Susie Johnson.  To these family biographies I have added some scanned images of census records, marriage records and death records.  I've also listed the names of their children and their children's spouses.  Their biographies now look a little more detailed.  I will update them as I acquire more information.

It seems that time just flies as I'm so hard at work with digging up information, then scanning and posting.  The day has come and gone and I've accomplished nothing else in my house.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow... if I stay away from my computer, I might actually dust and clean the house a little!  

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