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Elizabeth G. "Betty" Fillingame, c.1860-1943, Lamar County MS

My maternal great-great grandmother, Elizabeth G. "Betty" Fillingame, was born c. 1860-1862 in Marion County, Mississippi. I had hit a "brick wall" in my genealogy research on Elizabeth Fillingame.  Both Moses and William Fillingame had a daughter named Elizabeth.  Moses' daughter Elizabeth was born between 1860-1862 and William's daughter Elizabeth was born c. 1858.  After researching all the census records and dates and reviewing other Fillingame histories, I came to the conclusion that the Elizabeth Fillingame who married Wilson Babe Johnson is most likely the daughter of Moses Fillingame.  I do not have the actual facts to prove this, only an educated conclusion.  

1870 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg 78

Elizabeth, the daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Anderson Fillingame, became an orphan when she was only a toddler.  Her mother died in 1863, followed by her father in 1864.  On the 1870 census, Elizabeth and her siblings Almedia, Alice Jane and Samuel Benjamin were enumerated in the household of Lyman and Harriet Carlin (Carley).  Harriet was a sister to Moses and William Fillingame and she and her husband Lyman filed for guardianship of the orphaned children in 1865.  William Fillingame was widowed in 1870 and also resided in the household of Lyman and Harriet Carley.  Elizabeth had two brothers, Daniel and Alvin, who aren't shown on the 1870 census.  Their whereabouts at that time are unknown.  (Note the two Elizabeth's on the census, one was 12 years old and the other 8 years old.  One was the daughter of Moses and the other the daughter of William.  This is where the confusion began).

Betty married Wilson "Babe" Johnson, the son of Edward Johnson and Martha Ann Lee.  From their union, nine known children were born.  More can be read about Betty and Babe here.  

Betty died 26 December 1943 in Lamar County, Mississippi.  According to her death certificate, she was born March 1859 and was 84 years old at the time of her death.  The date of birth is probably an error because she is not listed on the 1860 federal census.  The cause of her death was unknown.  Informants on the death certificate were Henry Johnson and Abb Johnson, her sons.  Her father was listed as "Joe Fillingame" and her mother wasn't listed. The informants apparently didn't know the name of Betty's mother, which wasn't unusual considering Betty was an orphan.  It is also probable they didn't remember the name of Betty's father.  Betty was buried next to Babe in Caney Baptist Church cemetery, Lamar County, Mississippi.

Death Certificate- Elizabeth Johnson

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