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William H. Herrin, 1857-1928, Marion & Lamar County MS

William H. Herrin (standing, left) with brother, James
and father Green Herrin (sitting)

My maternal great-great grandfather, William H. Herrin, was born 25 December 1857 in Marion County, Mississippi, the son of Green Herrin and Cynthia Lott. He is listed with his parents on the 1860 federal census of Marion County.

He married Sabra Crawley, daughter of John Crawley and Mary "Polly" Merritt.  She was born May 1857. In 1880, William "Herring" and Sabra resided in Columbia, Marion County, Mississippi.  They had one child, a daughter- "Melisa", age 1. 

1880 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Columbia, Dist 131, Pg 4
On the next available federal census record, taken in 1900, William and Sabra were enumerated in the Carley district of Marion County.  Their household had grown to include daughters Sarah (listed as Melisa on 1880 census), Lou, Susanna and Ada, and sons Will, Alvin and Albert. 

1900 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Carley, Dist 77, Pg 9

A decade later, William and Sabra still resided in Marion County, Mississippi.  By the time the 1910 federal census was taken, they had another child, son Robert, who was born in 1902.  A couple of their children had grown and married- their daughter Sarah, my great-grandmother, had married Robert "Bob" Johnson  and their daughter, Lou, had married Frank Lee.  I'm uncertain as to what became of daughter Susanna but I suspect she was deceased because, according to the record, they were parents of 8 children with 7 still living.  Their son, Will, had married Mary E. Johnson and the couple resided in the same household.   William and Sabra's younger children, Albert and Ada, also remained in the household.

1910 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Beat 2, Dist 0102, Pg 41

William's wife, Sabra, died on 28 January 1925 and was buried in the Oral Baptist Church cemetery in Lamar County, Mississippi. William died three years later on 31 January 1928 in Lumberton where he had been hospitalized with bronchitis.  He was buried beside Sabra in the Oral Baptist Church cemetery.  The date of death listed on his grave marker states 27 January 1927.  However, the death certificate for William states he died 31 January 1928.  

A summary of their children:
i.    Sarah Herrin, born Sept 1878, married Robert "Bob" Johnson
ii.   Lou Herrin,  born April 1882, married Frank Lee
iii.  Susanna, born 1885?  No further info
iv.  Will Herrin, born 16 February 1887, married Mary E. Johnson
v.   Alvin Herrin, born 20 September 1889
vi.  Albert L. Herrin, born 26 March 1893, married Sarah A. "Tisha" Graham
vii. Ada Herrin, born 22 February 1895, married John R. Rayborn
viii. Robert Herrin, born 14 March 1902, married Minnie L. Blackburn

Most of the dates of birth for the above do not match the dates on the 1900 census.  I obtained these dates from family group records.  For corrections to these dates, please contact me, thanks!

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