Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update: Henry H. Johnson Family Photo Individuals Identified

Henry H. Johnson Family

On April 11th of this year I posted the above photo of the Henry H. Johnson family along with the biographical information that I have on him (click here to view original post).  I was unable to identify any of the individuals in the photo aside from the eldest, Henry H., seated on the front row, far right.  

I am happy to report that I received an email from a browser of my site, Gary Nelson, who identified those persons in the photo.  He identified them as:
Seated- Ann Johnson Forbes, Sarah Ann Johnson Luter, Amanda Johnson Nelson (his great grandmother), and of course, Henry H. Johnson (his great great grandfather)
Standing- Absalom Johnson, Robert Johnson (married a Holmes), Alex Johnson, and Emily Johnson Blackwell Crain

I wish to thank Gary Nelson for his assistance in helping to identify these individuals.  I also look forward to exchanging information with him and hopefully I will have more photos to share on this side of the family in the future.

Thanks, Gary!!!

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