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John Fillingham Sr, 1709-1773, MD>NC

John Fillingham (Fillingame) Sr, my maternal 6th great-grandfather, was born 13 July 1709 in St. Paul's Parish, Kent, Maryland.  He was the son of Richard Fillingham (Fillingame) Jr and Martha Jarvis.  

He married Margaret Money (Monnet) on 21 March 1734 in Cecilton, Cecil, Maryland.  She was the daughter of Robert Monnet and Margaret Darrel.  It is known the couple resided in St. Stephens Parish, Cecil, Maryland from 1734 through 1754 as all of their children were born there.  Sometime before 1771, John and Margaret moved to Pitt County, North Carolina.  This is proved by the date on his will, 11 November 1771.

Will of John Fillingham Sr, Pitt County, North Carolina

John died in 1773, as his will was probated 22 December 1773 in Pitt County, North Carolina.  It is presently unknown when his wife Margaret died.

Children of John Fillingham Sr and Margaret Money:
i.     Margaret Fillingim, born 01 December 1736 in Cecil, Maryland
ii.    Martha Fillingim, born 12 August 1738 in Cecil, Maryland
iii.   John Fillingim Jr, born 09 April 1739 in Cecil, Maryland
iv.   Richard Fillingim, born 14 April 1742 in Cecil, Maryland
v.    Mary Rebecca Fillingim, born 20 April 1744 in Cecil, Maryland; married William Hayes
vi.   Robert F. Fillingim, born 02 February 1745 in Cecil, Maryland
vii.  Samuel Fillingim, born 03 September 1750 in Cecil, Maryland
viii. Lewis Benjamin Fillingim, born September 1754 in Cecil, Maryland
ix.  Jarvis Fillingim, born September 1754 in Cecil, Maryland; married Elizabeth Ince

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