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Moses Fillingame, c.1816-1863, Perry County MS

Moses Fillingame, my maternal third great-grandfather, was born c. 1816 in Georgia, the son of William Fillingame and Frances Grantham.  

In 1840, the federal census of Perry County, Mississippi has Moses Fillingame with the following in his household- 2 males age 5-9, 1 male age 10-14, 1 male age 15-19, 1 male age 20-29; 1 female age 5-9, 1 female age 10-14, 1 female age 20-29, 1 female age 40-49.  Because Moses was only about 24 years old on this census, I speculate there was another family residing in his household.  

Just five years later, the 1845 State & Territorial Census, Perry County, indicated that Moses Fillingame had only three persons in his household- 2 males and 1 female.  Also listed on the census was Francis Fillingame, who had six persons in her household.  It is speculative that Francis and her family were residing with Moses in 1840.  

Moses married Elizabeth Anderson, the daughter of John E. "Jack" Anderson and Sarah Davis.  She was born c. 1823 in Perry County, Mississippi.  They resided in Perry County 1850.  The couple had one child- son Daniel, age 1.  

1850 Federal Census, Perry County, Mississippi, Pg 36

In 1853, the State & Territorial Census, Perry County, shows that Moses had 5 persons in his household.  Next door was his brother William Fillingame, with 3 persons in his household.  

By 1860, Moses and Elizabeth were listed in Marion County, Mississippi. The federal census shows the following in their household- Moses (head, age 45), Elizabeth (female, age 37), Daniel (male, age 11), Alvin (male, age 8), Almeda (female, age 6), Alice Jane (female, age 4) and Benjamin (male, age 1).  Also living in their household were Elizabeth's parents, John and Sarah Anderson.  On either side of Moses and Elizabeth  resided two of the brothers of Elizabeth- William Hawkins Anderson and James Aaron Anderson.

1860 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg 41

In the early 1860's the rumors of civil war had spread across the nation.  Hundreds of men across the south signed up to take their place on the battle field.  Moses would be among them.  He enlisted in the Confederate States Army in 1862, Perry County, Mississippi.  He was with Company F, 7th Battalion, Mississippi Volunteers.  A muster roll card states that he was sent to the field hospital 06 September 1862.  Moses, being too sick to return to his duties, was sent home.  Soon after Moses returned home, his wife Elizabeth fell ill.  In early 1863 (January or February), they both died from the measles.  It is not known if Moses contracted the measles while in the army or after returning home.  Moses and Elizabeth left six orphaned children upon their deaths.  Their youngest, Elizabeth, had been born after the 1860 census was taken.  In 1865, the sister of Moses (Harriet) and her husband Lyman Carley filed for guardianship of the orphaned Fillingame children. 

In addition to his military service, Moses Fillingame was a Mason with the Enon Lodge #199, New Augusta, Mississippi.

Children of Moses Fillingame and Elizabeth Anderson:
i.   Daniel B. Fillingame, born 29 December 1848, married Sarah Angeline Housley
ii.  Alvin Fillingame, born December 1852, married Sarah Palmer
iii. Almedia Fillingame, born 25 December 1854, married Stephen Johnson
iv. Alice Jane Fillingame, born June 1856, married Hezekiah Slade II
v.  Samuel Benjamin Fillingame, born 09 May 1859, married Sarah Henrietta Bocolm
vi.  Elizabeth G. "Betty" Fillingame, born c. 1860-1861, married Wilson "Babe" Johnson

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