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Thomas Edward Stogner, 1874-1943, Walthall County MS

Thomas Edward Stogner and wife, Susan Cordelia McCain Stogner

Thomas Edward Stogner was born 04 August 1874 in Marion County, Mississippi, the son of Thomas Jefferson Stogner and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Stubbs.  He is shown with his parents on the 1880 census of Marion County, Mississippi.  Thomas Edward Stogner and Susan "Cordelia" McCain made application for marriage at the Marion County district court dated 19 March 1895.  Attached to the application is a note supposedly written by Edward McCain, father of Cordelia, giving his consent for his daughter to marry.  Permission from Cordelia's parent was necessary given the fact that she was only 16 years old at the time.   

Marriage Record
Edward Stogner and Cordelia McCain

The note, written by Edward McCain and directed to Mr G.C. Mayson, Clerk of Chancery & Circuit Court, states, Sir you will please to issue licens to Ed Stogner to marry my daughter Cordelia MaCain and oblige, Your friend, Edward MaCain.  The actual date of their marriage is unknown because the certificate of marriage showing that Rites of Matrimony were performed was never completed on the application.  

Before long, Ed and Cordelia were settled into marriage.  Just five years later, on the 1900 census, they are shown residing in the Ball precinct of Marion County, Mississippi.  Ed was farming while his wife was staying at home taking care of young children.  Two children had already been born from their union- Lewis and Press J., ages 3 years and 1 year, respectively.  In the next house listed on the census was Ed's sister, Emily, who had married John Lowery and below her were their parents, Thomas Jefferson and Lizzie Stogner.  

1900 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Ball precinct

In 1910, Ed and Cordelia are shown in Beat 4 of Marion County.  By then, their family had grown to include three more children- daughters Lizzie, Stella and Delia.  The record also reflects that Ed and Cordelia had been married 15 years and they were the parents of 6 children, 5 of them still living.  They had a son, James W. Stogner, who was born 11 June 1901 and died 04 July 1908.  He was buried in the T.E. Stogner cemetery which has since been lost.  The young boy was only six years old at his time of death, which leaves me to question the cause of his death- was it accidental or from an illness?

1910 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Beat 4
Ten years later, Walthall County had been established and Ed and Cordelia are shown on the 1920 census in Beat 3, Walthall County, Mississippi where they owned their home.  Their household had grown to include eight children.  From the last census, the couple had three additional children- Levi, Evie and Floyd.  I can imagine what a chore it must have been to feed their large family.  Their livelihood depended on what the farm produced during harvest season.  The oldest sons, Lewis and Press worked on the farm with their father while the older daughters assisted with chores in the household and helped attend to their younger siblings.   Every one who was of age had chores to do.  That was the typical routine of most farm households in that era.   Ed's mother, Lizzie, was by then a widow and she lived next door to him.  

1920 Federal Census, Walthall County, Beat 3

By 1930, all but three of Ed and Cordelia's children had moved out of their house.  Those remaining were Levi, Evie and Floyd.  Their son Press (Preston Jefferson) had married and lived nearby.  His family is listed on the same page of the census.

1930 Federal Census, Walthall County, Mississippi, Beat 3, District 4

According to the certificate of death, Ed was hospitalized in Columbia, Mississippi for seven days prior to his death which occurred 26 March 1943. The causes of death documented by Dr. J. Gardner were myocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart muscle, chronic congestive heart failure and pernicious anemia.  The document also tells us that Ed was 68 years old and had been a resident of Sandy Hook (located in Walthall County which was once a portion of Marion County) "all his life" where he was a farmer.  The informant giving the information for the death record was Ed's wife, Cordelia.  The record also shows that Ed was the son of Thomas Stogner and Lizzie Stubbs.  Ed was laid to rest in Carson Springs Baptist Church cemetery, Walthall County, Mississippi.

Certificate of Death
Thomas Edward Stogner

Ed's wife, Cordelia, died on 17 November 1950 and was buried next to him in the Carson Springs Baptist Church cemetery.  Additional photos and information about the children of Ed and Cordelia may be read in subsequent posts which are linked below.  I appreciate those whom have provided me with information, documents and photos of this family, namely Artherine Stogner and Bill Reagan- Thank you both!

A summary of the children of Thomas Edward Stogner and Susan Cordelia McCain:
i.    Lewis Edward Stogner, married (1) Julia A. McKenzie  (2)  Iva Louetta Peak
ii.   Preston Jefferson Stogner, married Vella Duncan
iii.  James W. Stogner, 1901-1908, died young
iv.  Hannah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Stogner, married Murphy Kelly Turnage
v.   Stella Mae Stogner, married (1) Benny B. Haley (2) Lewis Jordan (3) Charlie Chalmus Sorrell
vi.  Delhia Stogner, married George Ellis Sorrell
vii.  Levi Stogner, married Ozzie Kennedy
viii. Evie Stogner, married Lawson Schilling
ix.  Floyd Stogner, married Audrey Elizabeth Seal

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