Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Updates on Stogner Families, July 2012

I was placed "on call" tonight from work, meaning that the hospital requested me off unless the floor gets busy and they call me back in.  Aside from missing a night's pay, it's annoying to have to sit near the phone and wait to see if I'm going to be called in.  I would much rather just go in and work my full shift than to be on call.  However, when our patient census gets low, all nurses must take their turns at being called off, and it was my turn.  I have kept myself busy with updating information here on some of my kinfolks:

I have updated information on Ezell Stogner including some census information and listed the spouses of his children.  On John Pigott Stogner, I uploaded an image of his land record, images of census records, and company muster rolls.  On Thomas Jefferson Stogner, I uploaded images of census records and his Homestead certificate.  I added more information on Lewis Edward Stogner and photo galleries on Charles Laverne Stogner.  

Uploading images and updating information has taken a good chunk of my time tonight.  I'll soon head to bed to get a few hours sleep before I attend an early meeting this morning.  Goodnight for now....

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