Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sharing Memories: (Week 31) It's the Ice Cream Man!

This photo is a rather exaggerated version of the ice cream truck that came into our neighborhood, but I just thought it was cute.

How many of you remember the ice cream truck that made neighborhood rounds during the summer?  Oh boy, do I remember those days. Those sweltering, humid, hot days of summer in southern Louisiana when there was not even the slightest breeze blowing. Those days when my siblings and I would turn on the garden hose and drink water from it while soaking ourselves to cool off. Those days when we would have a blast playing under the lawn sprinklers.

All of a sudden, one of us would hear it in the distance... the familiar tune that we knew all so well. We would stop whatever we were doing at the time and start running toward our house. "Mom! Mommmmmmm!!! Here comes the ice cream man!"  "We need some quarters Mom, pleaseeeeeeee!!!"
We would wait impatiently while she dug through the various things she kept her change in... a cup in the kitchen cabinet, her purse, a ceramic dish on her dresser.  "Hurry Mommmmmmmm, he's coming, he's coming".
"Okay, okay, patience please", She would retort back.
Once we had the silver pieces of change in hand, outside we would dash looking for the ominous sign... the bright-colored truck with the speaker on top of it. We would stand on the curb of our driveway, waiting, thinking... trying to decide what we wanted ahead of time.
When the ice cream truck pulled over beside us, we would look at all of the bright pictures on the side which depicted what was available. Mom usually wanted us to bring her an ice cream sandwich. I liked the "Sidewalk Sundaes" or the "Fudgesicles".
After getting our goods, we would sit down on the lawn and enjoy... yumyum!
This was only one of the few things that I found great about the summer :)

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