Thursday, December 15, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday: Photo of Minerva Warden

This is my FIRST post for Treasure Chest Thursday.  The idea came from visiting other genealogy blogs.  Several genea-bloggers write about specific topics on certain days of the week.  I think it's a wonderful and creative idea!  Now, on to today's treasure from The Treasure Chest:

Several years ago my Mom had given me an old pair of eyeglasses that belonged to her mother.  The eyeglasses laid upon a cotton swatch inside a small white box.  One day I opened the box to peek at "Granny's" old eyeglasses and as I pulled the eyeglasses from their resting place the cotton swatch fell out, revealing a "hidden treasure".  There, beneath the cotton swatch, was an old photo.  I flipped the small black and white photo over to see if it revealed a name.  Sure enough, the words "Minerva" were scribbled in pencil on back of the photo.  

Mom was surprised about my find.  Apparently she didn't realize the photo was there either.  She informed me that Minerva was "Harriet's mother".  Harriet Woodard was married to Granny's (Susie Johnson) father, Robert "Bob" Johnson.  Mom nor I understood why Minerva's photo was tucked inside the box that held Granny's eyeglasses but, nevertheless, I was excited to find it!  It is the ONLY photo of Minerva Warden that I have.  

Minerva Warden married Thomas Riley Woodard.  The family resided in Lumberton located in Marion County (now Lamar), Mississippi in the late 1890's through the early 1900's.  The Warden and Woodard families are bricks in "My Brick Wall"- I have accomplished very little in my research on them.  I have no knowledge of Minerva's parents or siblings at present.  From my own estimates, Minerva was born probably between 1850 and 1860.  She lived to be an elderly woman, as evidenced by her photo.  She was likely in her 80's or even her 90's when this photo was taken.  Her husband, Thomas Riley Woodard, had died in his late 30's leaving her a widow with 7 children that I have knowledge of.  

I hope to one day find out more about Minerva and her family.  For now, Minerva's photo is tucked back into its original resting place beneath Granny's old eyeglasses, a part of our family's Treasure Chest.

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