Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Memories: A Very Special Tree

In years past, I loved to decorate our home for Christmas.  Some years I decorated more than others, depending on my work schedule.  Christmas 2004 was one of my favorite of all time Christmases.   I was in a jolly good mood and went all out with decorating our home.

Oh, Christmas Tree!

the entire dimension
from stand toward bow
rows of tiny lights
hundreds aglow

flicker in rhythm
to holiday music here
lifting our spirits
bringing good cheer

sparkling greens
and candy apple reds
jazzy blues play
in glittery beds

colorful ropes of 
diamond shaped beads
encircle the globe
of forest green tweeds

woven fabrics
of sparkling braids
fall from the crown
in glistening cascades

upon the very top
a festive delight
shimmering bow trimmed
with silver starlight

alive with color
and dreamy thought
under this joyful treasure
gifts we brought

come christmas day
our hearts will release
the spirit of giving
and divine peace

our christmas tree, 2004

Originally written December 02, 2009
a post from my personal blog

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