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Robert "Bob" Johnson, 1876-1952, Lamar County MS

Robert "Bob" Johnson
My Great-Grandfather

My maternal great-grandfather, Robert "Bob" Johnson, the son of Wilson "Babe" Johnson and Elizabeth G. "Betty" Fillingame, was born 25 December 1876 in Marion County, Mississippi.  He is listed in the household with his parents on the 1880 and 1900 census records of Marion County.  

On 14 April 1901, Bob married Sarah Herrin, the daughter of William H. Herrin and Sabra Crawley.  Sarah was born in September 1878 in Marion County, Mississippi.  

Marriage Record- Robert Johnson and Sarah Herrin

Bob and Sarah resided in Beat 5 of Marion County, Mississippi when the 1910 federal census was recorded.  At that time, the census indicated they had been married 4 years, but they had actually been married about 9 years according to the date on their marriage record.  The ages were also incorrect on this record, which is a common occurrence with many census records.  Bob and Sarah apparently had one child who had died.  The couple resided next door to Bob's parents, Babe and Betty Johnson.  

1910 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Beat 5

By the arrival of the year 1920, Bob and Sarah owned their home near Lumberton, Lamar County, Mississippi.  They had three children born from their union of marriage- daughter Bertie, age 5, daughter Susie, age 3, and son Alex, age 10 months.  Bob's brother, Henry and his family lived next door.  Listed just above Henry was their Uncle Samuel Alexander Johnson's family, the son of Silas Brinson Johnson, Sr.  A few houses down, the family of Joshua Johnson resided.  Joshua was yet another son of Silas Brinson.  The entire page of this census record is nearly filled with Johnsons. 

1920 Federal Census, Lamar County, Mississippi, Lumberton, District 100

Bob and Sarah resided in the same place ten years later.  They had no further children born after their last son, Alex, who was about 10 years old by 1930.  Bob's aging parents, Babe and Betty, resided with them.  

1930 Federal Census, Lamar County, Mississippi, Beat 3

Bob's wife, Sarah, died about 1935.  She was laid to rest in Caney Baptist Church cemetery, Lamar County, Mississippi. 

On 13 July 1939, Bob married Harriet Woodard, the daughter of Thomas Riley Woodard and Minerva Warden.  Harriet was widowed after her second husband, James El Simmons died.  Harriet and James El Simmons' son, Woodrow Wilson Simmons, had married Bob and Sarah's daughter, Susie in 1936.  This makes for a strange twist in the family tree, considering that Susie and Woodrow became step-siblings a few years after they married.  

Robert "Bob" Johnson and wife,
Harriet Woodard Johnson

Marriage Record- Robert Johnson and
Harriet (Woodard) Simmons

Bob and his second wife Harriet remained together until his death on 25 August 1952.  According to his death certificate, Bob died of sudden death, cause undetermined, but questionable coronary thrombosis (blood clot in his heart), secondary to a history of heart disease.  The death record states he was 76 years old at the time of his death and that he had lived in Baxterville, Lamar County, Mississippi for 35 years.  His parents, Wilson Johnson and Betty Fillingame were listed on the record as well as his daughter, Mrs. Susie Simmons, who was the informant.  

Death Certificate- Robert Johnson

Robert "Bob" Johnson was laid to rest in the Caney Baptist Church cemetery in Lamar County next to his first wife, Sarah.  Only three weeks after Bob's death, Harriet followed him to the grave.  She died 14 September 1952 of complications with pneumonia following a sudden cerebral hemmorhage (stroke).  She was laid to rest next to her late husband.  See "Tombstones" link below. My late mother told me many years ago that Harriet died of a "broken heart" after she lost Bob.  Mom adored her grandpa Bob and grandma Harriet.  She wrote a bit about them in her memoirs (see Memoirs of Lula Sue Simmons).

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