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Thomas Jefferson Stogner, c.1849- Marion County MS

Thomas Jefferson Stogner, my great-great grandfather and the son of John Pigott Stogner and Amanda Conerly, was born November 1849 in Mississippi. He is shown on the 1850 through 1870 census records of Marion County, Mississippi with his parents.

He married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Stubbs, the daughter of Franklin and Sarah Stubbs about 1870 in Marion County, Mississippi.  In 1880, Thomas and Lizzie resided in the Water Holes district of Marion County where they are accounted for in the Federal Census.  The couple had four living children at that time- Sarah Jane, Thomas Edward, Emily Elizabeth and Julia Josephine.  They had another child that was not listed on the census- William W. Stogner, born 30 March 1872 and died 05 March 1877.  William was buried in the Thomas Edward Stogner cemetery, which is now lost.  He was nearing his 5th birthday when he died- I can't but wonder what happened to the young boy.  Did an accident or illness claim the boy's life?  Also residing in the household with Thomas and Lizzie was Ephraim Conerly, a 17 year old cousin, who worked on the farm.  Living in the next house was one of Thomas' brother, Stephen Stogner, and his wife Mary.  Nearby was Seaborn William Stogner and wife Margaret, another brother of Thomas.

1880 Federal Census, Water Holes, Marion County, Mississippi

Since the 1890 census is unavailable, the next census record I found for Thomas Jefferson Stogner is the 1900 census, which listed the month and year of birth for each household member, as well as other helpful information.  By that time, the children previously listed on the 1880 census had moved out and settled into their own family life.  However, Thomas and Lizzie had three more children whom were listed on the 1900 census- Eugene, Ophelia and Martha.  Their daughter, Emily had married John Albert Lowery and the couple resided next door.  Their son, Thomas Edward, had married Susan Cordelia McCain, and they lived nearby as well.  The census record also reflects that Thomas and Lizzie had been married 30 years and had 8 children, of which 7 were still living.  

1900 Federal Census, Marion County, MS, Ball District, page 8

1900 Federal Census, Marion County, MS, Ball District, page 9

On 28 November 1900, Thomas Jefferson Stogner was issued a Homestead Certificate for 160 acres of land in Section 10, Township 1, Range 13E of Washington, Meridian of Mississippi, ordered by the Act of 20 May 1862 (the Homestead Act, signed by then President Abraham Lincoln).   

Homestead Certificate for Thomas Jefferson Stogner
28 November 1900

The next census record which listed Thomas Jefferson Stogner was taken in 1910.  At that time, Thomas and Lizzie were approaching their senior years.  Two of their adult children still remained in their household- Eugene and Martha.  Their daughter, Ophelia had married Warren McKenzie and the couple resided next door.  Their daughter, Emily and her family remained nearby as well. 

1910 Federal Census, Beat 4, Marion County, Mississippi

Thomas died before 1920 because his wife, Lizzie was listed as widowed on the census.  She then resided with their son, Thomas Edward Stogner. 

A summary of their children:
i.    Sarah Jane Stogner, married James Albert Luper
ii.   William W. Stogner, 1872-1877, died young
iii.  Thomas Edward Stogner, married Susan Cordelia McCain
iv.  Emily Elizabeth Stogner, married John Albert Lowery
v.  Julia Josephine Stogner, married (1) William Jefferson Stogner  (2) Samuel Clyde McDaniel
vi.  Eugene Stogner
vii. Ophelia Stogner, married Warren McKenzie
viii. Martha A. Stogner

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