Monday, December 12, 2011

Time Well Wasted

It takes much of my time to work on my family research.  Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth it.  It seems only few of my family members are interested in knowing the facts associated with their past ancestors.  Most enjoy looking at old photos, but I don't think they care to know the details involved with past generations.  I understand their viewpoint, the past is THE PAST.  However, it is something I ENJOY doing.  It's part of who I am as a curious person.  I enjoy exploring the past.  I love history.  I always have.  Nothing catches my attention more than a listening to someone talk about their past history- how they grew up, their grandparents, what their life was like in their younger years.  I wish my grandparents were still around so I could ask them more.  When they were living, I failed to write down many of the things they told me.  Time has erased some of their stories.  I recall only bits and pieces.

I ask myself what else would I be doing if not spending time here, on my family pages.  I would probably be playing games on facebook or be bored with the television.  Maybe I would find a good book to read.  Comparitively speaking, my family research and documentation seems to be the best option of "time well wasted".  Of course, there are many things that need my attention in the house... there always is, always has been.  I spent the majority of my years doting on housework and organizing our home.  But not anymore.  I do it when I get ready to.

For now, I think I'll spend my time here, while I can.  Things can change in the future and I may not be able to do what I'm doing now.

Case won.

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