Thursday, December 22, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday: Photo of Thomas Edward Stogner & Susan Cordelia McCain

Thomas Edward Stogner was my great-great grandfather.  He married Susan Cordelia McCain on March 19, 1895 in Marion County, Mississippi.  They both died before I was born so I never had the opportunity to meet them.  Before I began my family research over 16 years ago, I didn't even know of their existence.  Grandpa or Grandma Stogner never spoke of their parents or grandparents.  I found out later in life there were several things they never spoke of, at least not in my presence.  I wish now that I would have had an interest in our genealogy while I was younger and my grandparents were still living.  I often wonder how many family stories I missed out on because I lacked interest in our history back then.  

I was thrilled when I met Artherine Stogner a few years ago.  She and I began a conversation about the Stogner family and she informed me that she had some photos I might be interested in.  I could barely wait to see them!  I drove out to Mrs. Stogner's home a few days later and together we shared tidbits of information about our Stogner family branches and browsed through old photo albums.  One would have to be a family researcher or genealogist to understand the intense excitement I felt when I laid eyes upon this old photo of Thomas & Cordelia Stogner.  Seeing the photo "brought life" to these ancestors that I never knew.  Until that point, I had only their names and dates in my database. Mrs. Stogner also had photos of some of the other children of Thomas and Cordelia Stogner.  She was generous enough to allow me to bring the photos home so I could scan and copy them.  I am grateful to have met her- I now have a few more pieces of family treasure.  

Recently, I've met another Stogner family member online- Bill Reagan.  He and I have exchanged information and photos as well.  I will be posting some of them in the future :)  

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