Friday, December 23, 2011

Follow Friday: Friday Finds: Family Research Blogs

My favorite finds on the web this week:

Amy Coffin at The We Tree Genealogy Blog published a post in 2009 listing 52 ideas to Jump Start Your Genealogy Blog.  I plan to incorporate some of her great ideas into my future blog posts.  Her blog is full of useful information and creative ideas for anyone doing family research.  

Jacqi at A Family Tapestry has been writing a series about the Stevens family, using old letters as the foundation for her posts.  I love her eloquent writing style and the way her story flows from one post to the next, like the chapters of a great novel.  

I enjoy reading about historical and important events at and have added it to my daily reading list.

There are so many genealogy related blogs and web sites available these days which makes it  much easier  to do family research.  I sort of miss going to the library and digging in to all the books there.  On the other hand, most of my reading and research is done at night while I'm awake and most everyone else is sleeping- another reason I'm grateful for all the online resources available now.  

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