Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rearranging Again

I probably over spend time rearranging things.  I guess it's just part of my personality.  I'm not a full-blow Type A personality, but I do carry some of the associated traits.  I can't stand CLUTTER, it drives me nuts!
Don'ts at my house:
Don't put piles of clothes in a corner and leave them there
Don't pile clothes on top of the washer/dryer
Don't let the kitchen trash run over onto the floor
So forth and so on....

I've been rearranging my blog page here this morning, trying to organize files so they don't appear so cluttered.  I created labels for documents, births, marriages and deaths so I can easily search them.  I placed "Links" to persons the records are associated with instead of posting the documents under their profile- it appears less cluttered that way.  I must say I'm pleased with the results thus far :)

I'm new at this genealogy blogging so I'm learning along the way.  I've acquired some good ideas from visiting other genealogy blogs.   I wish I had began this genealogy blogging much earlier- I'd be a long way by now.  I didn't realize it was so popular.

One label or link at a time, my page is becoming more organized!

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