Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Memories: Trip to the Tree Farm

Sometimes I will incorporate posts here from my personal blog.  I wrote a lot of memories of my own childhood in my personal blog and some of those memories are special enough to carry forward, here.  I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas, when I was growing up and when my children were growing up.  Situations have changed in the last few years, but a constant that never changes is the memories of that special time of the year.  Those memories include our trips to the tree farm ~

before the first of each december
a trip to the tree farm, i remember
children running to and fro
seeking the perfect tree, faces aglow

"we found one, mom!", voices shout
"no, mommy, no!", the little one pouts
an enormous task to please them all
yet joy and fun, we had a ball

after the tree is cut and tied
we bring it home, filled with pride
the children smile when at last it stands
waiting to be decorated by precious little hands


Our traditional trip to the tree farm is one of my favorite memories. This was the first step in beginning our journey through the holidays together. Once the Christmas tree stood decorated in our home, the spirit of the approaching season filled our home and our hearts. For a few years we purchased cut trees from local retailers and occasionally even used an artificial tree, but our excitement and enthusiasm didn't compare to those years we chose our own tree, right from the farm, fresh and beautifully green. 

Originally written December 01, 2009

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