Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope everyone has had a Christmas season blessed with the spirit of Love and filled with wonderful memories. It's been a busy few days with ongoing preparations for Christmas dinner.  I cooked a traditional dinner with turkey, cornbread dressing, vegetables and desserts.   It was delicious, but I ate more than I should!  I will definitely avoid scales this week :).  The day was spent in good company with daughter Cherie and her sons-Tyler and Coby, son Ryan, sister Sandy and daughter Lennae.  My brother Frank Jr visited this afternoon.  I'm sharing some Christmas photos of family members (from their facebook albums):

My grandsons, Nathan and Matthew (sons of Ryan & Crissy Curry)

Nathan & Matthew again

Terry Lucas Powell (my sister-in-law) with her grandchildren Alisha, Nathan & Conner 
(children of Jennifer Powell Hall)

Jennifer Lynn Powell Hall (niece)

Alisha, Nathan & Conner Hall

John (J.C.) & Seth Bourgoyne, sons of John & Suzanne Bourgoyne

Brianna, Brooke, Brittan & Patrick Bourgoyne, children of Patrick & Melissa Bourgoyne
(great-nieces and nephew)

Anita Kay Smith Stringer & Wayne Stringer (cousin)

Kathy Lynn Smith Ratcliff with grandson Aeden (cousin)

My grandson Coby and son Ryan, what a couple of outlaws!

Lennae unwrapping her gifts (niece)

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