Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Interest in Genealogy

I feel so honored to have this place to share all the genealogical research I've done over the past 16 years on our family roots. When I first began doing family research, I didn't have the benefit of computer search engines that are available now. My genealogy research then meant spending hours sorting through records and microfiche films at the library and courthouse and ordering birth/death certificates from the state offices of vital statistics.
My interest in our family history began back in 1995 when Charles and I visited his Aunt Mary Rockforte who lived in Plaquemine, Louisiana. Her kitchen had bookcases in it which were overflowing with binders full of family group sheets and information relating to the many surnames on their side of the family. As I browsed through the Bourgoyne-Rockforte information, I found myself lost in all the history of the families. I copied a few of the family group sheets and that is where my research began.
While gaining experience in documenting family histories, I have learned that it pays to research. Family histories that are passed down from generation to generation tend to have some inconsistencies. Remember that our ancestors did not have the available resources to research that we do now. Many of them could not even read or write. Surnames of many families were spelled differently through the generations. Important information may be overlooked because of the various spellings of names. In addition, families more than often named their children after their parents or siblings which can become quite confusing when there are several people with the same first name.
Sometimes it is difficult to obtain information from living relatives. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about our family history as I am, and that is understandable. I can understand why some would not want their personal information to be misused.
I only hope that one day more of my family members will take an interest in knowing about their roots. I would like to know that my research, and the contributions made by others, will become a part of who we are as a FAMILY.

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