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John Crawley, 1821-1892, Greene > Marion County MS

John Crawley, my maternal 3rd great-grandfather, was born c. 1821 in Greene County, Mississippi, the son of William and Sally Crawley.  Sally's maiden name is unknown at present.  John married Mary "Polly" Merritt.  She was born 18 March 1822, the daughter of Robert Merritt and Sarah Elizabeth Turner (speculative).   

The first record I have of John and his wife Mary is the 1860 Federal Census, where the family was enumerated in Marion County, Mississippi.  The record shows John, age 40 and head of his household with Mary, age 38, Arminda (Amanda), age 15, Bostwic (Bostic), age 13, Mellissy (Mellisa), age 10, Jonah, age 8.  Continued on the next page are children Matilda, age 6, Emily age 4, Sabra, age 3 and John, age 1.  Sabra would become my great-great grandmother.  

1860 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg. 47
1860 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg 48

A decade later, John and Mary remained in Marion County and were enumerated on the federal census there.  By then, they had two more children- Aaron, who was born c. 1862 and Elizabeth, who was born c. 1867.  It appears though their sons Bostic and Jonah had moved out.  

1870 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, 
In 1880, John and Mary still resided in Marion County.  Four of their children remained at home- Melissa, Matilda, Nazarene (Elizabeth) and Aaron.  Next door to them resided their son Bostic and his family.  Bostic had married Nancy Elizabeth Pace in 1871.

1880 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Carley's, Dist. 131, Pg 2

John Crawley died  22 February 1892, Marion County, Mississippi.  He was buried in the Randall Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  His wife, Mary died 29 September 1905.  

Children of John Crawley and Mary "Polly" Merritt:
i.     Amanda Crawley, born c. 1844
ii.    Bostic C. Crawley (1845-1900), married Nancy Elizabeth Pace
iii.   Jonah C. Crawley (1849-1916), married Nancy McNeese
iv.   Melissa A. Crawley, born c. 1850, married Thomas L. Sumrall
v.    Emily Crawley (1853-1905), married John Moree
vi.   Matilda Crawley, born c. 1854, married James H. Herrin
vii.  Sabra Crawley (1857-1925), married William H. Herrin
viii. John Crawley, born c. 1860, married Florence Jones
ix.  Aaron Crawley, born c. 1862
x.   Nazarene Elizabeth Crawley (1868-1932), married Robert S. Fortenberry


  1. Are you aware of any pictures of John Crawley or Mary Merritt?

  2. I am John and Mary's 2nd great grandson through Nazarene Elizabeth Crawley