Friday, August 10, 2012

Edward McCain, c. 1787-, Ireland>LA

My paternal 4th great-grandfather, Edward McCain, was born c. 1787 in Dublin, Ireland.  He was in New Orleans, Louisiana by 1810, because it is said that is where he married his wife, Nancy Bennett.  

According to one family historian, Edward McCain was said to have been a professor at a university in Dublin.  After teaching for a short time in New Orleans, he accepted the position of Superintendent of Schools, Greensburg, Washington Parish, Louisiana, where he remained until his retirement.  The 1850 census listed his occupation as teacher and engineer.  (I have not confirmed any of this information).  

Children of Edward McCain and Nancy Bennett:
i.    John Bennett McCain, born abt 1815, Washington Parish, Louisiana, died abt 1862, Caddo Parish, Louisiana; married (1) Loretta Bickham (2) Eliza Jane Peters
ii.   Mary McCain, born 06 November 1819, Washington Parish, Louisiana, died 01 August 1883, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana; married John Edward Morris
iii.  Nicholas S. McCain, born 22 May 1821, Washington Parish, Louisiana, died 12 June 1918, Washington Parish, Louisiana; married (1) Nancy Crain  (2) Rebecca Ellen Davis
iv.  Margaret McCain (1823-1910), no further info
v.   James B. McCain, born c. 1824, Washington Parish, Louisiana, died c. 1863; married Mary "Polly" Hines
vi.  Clarinda McCain, born 28 April 1825, Washington Parish, Louisiana, died 08 May 1899
vii.  Robert Edward McCain, born 21 November 1827, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, died 10 February 1900, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana; married (1) Mary Charlotte "Polly" Wood (2) Martha Ann Elliot Edwards
viii. Melissa Ingram McCain, born 05 July 1832, Greensburg, Washington Parish, Louisiana, died 28 June 1918, Jackson, Louisiana; married Samuel Ellis Slocum.

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