Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 32): Lily White Ruppel Elementary School

I attended the Lily White Ruppel Elementary School in Marrero, Louisiana during the fourth and fifth grades.   I was one of the "new kids" in class when I entered the 4th grade.  I had previously attended first through third grades at Westwego Elementary School.   It was a little difficult for me to make new friends because I was quite bashful during these years. During breaks and lunch, I stayed mostly to myself.  I felt a sense of loss being away from the friends I had come to know in Westwego.  
During 5th grade, I joined the 4-H Club and the Bowling Club. This gave me the opportunity to get to know some of my classmates better and gave me some extracurricular activities to enjoy. The Bowling Club was really fun. One day each week, bowling club members were driven to the bowling lanes in Gretna, Louisiana where we competed in small teams. Of course, most of us didn't bowl well, but we had fun trying!  
Since then, Lily White Ruppel Elementary School changed their academic programs and now it is a school for the "academically gifted".   

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