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Enoch Hines, c. 1803-1881, NC>MS>LA

Enoch Hines, my paternal 4th great-grandfather, was born c. 1803 in North Carolina (possibly Sampson County).  He was the son of Felix Hines and Mary "Molly" Carr.  He was in Marion County, Mississippi in the 1820's as he married Susannah Guy on 28 January 1824 in said county.  Susannah was born c. 1807 in  Duplin County, North Carolina, the daughter of Jesse Guy and Mary "Polly" Conerly.  

Enoch and Susannah are shown together on the 1850 Federal Census, Pike County, Mississippi.  Their household then consisted of- Enoch Hines (age 47, Blacksmith, born in North Carolina), Susan H. (age 45, born in North Carolina), Enoch H. (Henry), age 12, Felix, age 10, Christiann (Christina), age 5 and Frances, age 3.  Also in their household were "Students"- George W. Brumfield, age 20 and Andrew J. Brumfield, age 20; and a "Ditcher", William Burns, age 60.   (Not shown on this census are three daughters of Enoch and Susannah- Elizabeth, who married Charles Perry Thomas in 1842, Rebecca, who married George M. Fitzgerald in 1846 and Mary "Polly" Hines, who had married James B. McCain before 1847)

1850 Federal Census, Pike County, Mississippi, Police Dist 2, Pg 16

By 1860, Enoch and Susannah had moved to Washington Parish, Louisiana.  Their son, Felix, and daughter, Frances, remained in their household.  Their son, Enoch Henry, had married Susan Ann Kornegay and the couple also resided in the same household.  I'm uncertain as to the whereabouts of their daughter, Christina at that time.  

1860 Federal Census, Washington Parish, Louisiana, Stubbs Mill, Ward 8, Pg 4

I have been unable to locate the Enoch Hines family on the 1870 Federal Census.  Enoch's wife, Susannah, died c. 1873 in Angie, Washington Parish, Louisiana.  She was buried in the Hines Cemetery there.  In 1880, Enoch resided in the household with his daughter, Mary "Polly", who was then married to Seaborn W. Stogner.

1880 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Water Holes, Dist 132, Pg 17

Enoch Hines died 19 July 1881 at the age of 78.  He was buried in the Hines Cemetery, Angie, Washington Parish, Louisiana.  

Children of Enoch Hines and Susannah Guy:
i.    Elizabeth Hines, born c. 1824, Marion County, Mississippi, married Charles Perry Thomas
ii.   Rebecca Hines (1825-1885), Marion County, Mississippi, married George M. Fitzgerald
iii.  Mary "Polly" Hines (1828-1896), married (1) James B. McCain  (2) Seaborn W. Stogner
iv.  Enoch Henry Hines (1837-1909), married Susan Ann Kornegay
v.   Felix Henry Hines, born c. 1841, married Sarah Ann Stogner
vi.  Christina Hines, born c. 1845, no further info
vii. Frances Analiza Hines (1848-1913), married William Nathan Crain

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  1. Hello!! George M Fitzgerald is my 3rd Great grandfather. And one of the sons the he and Rebecca had, was named Henry Enoch Fitzgerald, who is my 2nd great grandfather...

    I'm working on my ancestry, and am trying to find more about George M Fitzgerald.