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Stephen Peak, c.1780's-1824, Amite County>Marion County MS

My paternal 4th great-grandfather, Stephen Peak, was born c. 1780-1790.  He married Elizabeth Ann May, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth May, on 21 November 1911 in Amite County, Mississippi.  He was in Marion County, Mississippi in the early 1810's as he is listed as a witness on various land and property transactions and other court matters.  The Orphan's Court for Marion County was held in the home of Stephen Peak numerous times.  He was also granted a tavern license in Marion County.  

Stephen Peak enlisted as an Adjutant in the 13th Regiment of the Mississippi Militia under Nixon's command during the War of 1812.  His first muster date was 06 January 1815 and discharge date was 05 February 1815.  He was listed on the 1816 Mississippi State & Territorial Census in Marion County.  On the 1820 federal census of Marion County, Mississippi, Stephen Peak had the following in his household:  8 males under age 10, 1 male age 16-25, 1 male age 26-44, 1 female age 16-25, 1 female age 26-44, and 11 slaves.  

Stephen Peak died c. 1824.  His widow, Elizabeth Ann, later married Henry Henniger.  

Children of Stephen Peak and Elizabeth Ann May:
i.    Thomas May Peak, married Lenora Cooper
ii.    Alonzo John Peak
iii.   Elexander Peak, married Luecynde Smith- This is my line.  Thomas Peak, who married Elizabeth Boyte, was the son of Elexander Peak and Luecynde Smith.  There are probably more children, but they remain unknown at present.
iv.  Elizabeth Ann Peak
v.   Stephen F. Peak

There were probably more children but they remain unknown at present.  If anyone has more information about the Stephen Peak family, please contact me, Thanks!

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