Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 34): Bring on the Rain!

While most kids these days can be found indoors during rainy weather, my siblings and I loved summer rain. Not only did rain bring relief from the sweltering heat in southern Louisiana, it brought an opportunity for us to play in the water.  Since the streets in our subdivision would flood with even the slightest amount of rain, a big rainfall was even better for us kids.  Neighborhood kids gathered on the corner curbs where the water was deepest.  We often filled plastic jugs with water and poured it over each other's heads, or we filled balloons with water and bombed each other.  Sometimes we would ride our bikes through the water, making waves.  Speaking of which, we loved it when a pick up truck would pass by, creating even bigger waves.  Of course, if the weather was stormy, along with thunder and lightening, we would have to wait the storm out indoors.  Fortunately, most of the downpours were just simply rain, and they passed through the area as quickly as they came, but the downpours were enough to give us some relief from heat and some summertime fun!

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