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John Pigott the Elder (RS), c. 1735-1792, SC

John Pigott the Elder, my paternal 6th great-grandfather, was born c. 1735 and died 31 January 1792, Cheraws District, South Carolina. On my wish list is a book written about the account of John Pigott and his descendants- "Descendants of John Pigott the Elder of Cheraws District, South Carolina", authored by Frank Lewis Brown. It has long been out of print and my efforts to find a used one for sale have been fruitless.  For now, I can only pass on the information I have available on him.  

John Pigott, Sr. married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).  On 12 January 1771 in Cheraws District, South Carolina, a certification for a land survey was documented for John Pigott, for 50 acres on the south side of Lynches Creek, adjacent to land already owned by him.  In 1773, another 100 acres was granted to John Pigott, on the south side of Lynches Creek at the mouth of Camp Branch.  The grant was delivered for John to the proper authority by John Warren.  

John Pigott, Sr. (the Elder) served with his sons, John Jr and Nathaniel, in the company of Elias Dubose, Volunteer Militia, under the command of Francis Marion in the Revolutionary War.  "Marion's Men" held the PeeDee section of South Carolina against the British.  

Pigott males listed in Roster of South Carolina
Patriots in the American Revolution

John Pigott the Elder served on the Commission for Internal Improvements in South Carolina, including navigation of Lynch's River and the building of Pigott's Bridge over the river near the district line on the south.  He also ran a ferry across Lynch's River where they lived.  He was listed on the grand jury for Cheraws District on 16 November 1778.  He was a slave holder and was considered a wealthy man.  Many of his descendants migrated south into Georgia then into southern Mississippi where numerous Pigott family members are located today.  

Children of John Pigott the Elder and Elizabeth:  Charles, Jane, Judith, Katherine, Marcy, Mary, Thomas, Nathaniel, John Jr. (married Martha Warren) and Elizabeth.

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