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William Crawley Sr., c.1795, SC>MS

I don't have a lot of information on William Crawley, Sr at present, but I will share what I know, or speculate.  He was born c. 1795 in South Carolina.  He married Sally (maiden name unknown).  William Crawley, Sr was my maternal 4th great-grandfather.

He was in Greene County, Mississippi by 1816 as he was enumerated in the State & Territorial Census there that year.  He resided next door to the Robert Merritt family.  William's son, John Crawley, later married Robert Merritt's daughter, Mary "Polly" Merritt.  The census shows 2 males > age 21, 1 female > age 21, and 2 females < age 21.

1816 Mississippi State & Territorial Census, Greene County, Pg 4

The next three federal census records show the following in William Crawley's household:
1820 Greene County, Mississippi: 1 male age 16-25, 3 females under age 10, and 1 female age 26-44.
1830 Greene County, Mississippi: 2 males < age 5, 1 male age 5-9, 1 male age 30-39, 1 female age 5-9, 2 females age 10-14, 1 female age 15-19, 1 female age 30-39
1840 Greene County, Mississippi: 1 male age 5-9, 2 males age 10-14, 3 males age 15-19, 1 male age 40-49, 1 female < age 5, 2 females age 5-9, 2 females age 10-14, 2 females age 15-19, 1 female age 30-39

In 1850, William and Sally resided in Jackson County, Mississippi.  The federal census listed four of their children- Sarah, age 21, William Jr, age 22, Cynthia, age 18 and Susan, age 30.

1850 Federal Census, Jackson County, Mississippi, Pg 21

Ten years later, William Crawley remained in Jackson County, Mississippi.  His wife Sally was not listed on the census that year, so I speculate she had died.  Two of his daughters, Susan and Elizabeth, lived with him that year.  There is also a male listed- Thomas Fry?, age 8.  I suspect this was his grandson, perhaps the son of Elizabeth.

1860 Federal Census, Jackson County, Mississippi, Pg 30

I haven't found William on the 1870 census, so I speculate that he had died by then.

Known children of William Crawley Sr and Sally:
i.    John Crawley (1821-1892), married Mary "Polly" Merritt
ii.   Susan Crawley, born c. 1822
iii.  William Crawley Jr born c. 1828
iv.  Sarah Crawley born c. 1829
v.   Martha Crawley, born c. 1830
vi.  Cynthia Crawley, born c. 1832
vii. Elizabeth Crawley, born c. 1833

There were more children, but they remain unknown at present.  If you have any information on the children of William and Sally Crawley, please contact me, thanks!

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