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Robert Daniel Turnage, 1818-1919, NC>MS

My paternal 3rd great-grandfather, Robert Daniel "Bob" Turnage, was born 01 November 1818 in Duplin County, North Carolina and died 23 May 1919 in Marion County, Mississippi.  He was the son of Jesse Turnage and Martha Shathford (or Goar, last name speculative).  He married Martha Ellen Pigott on 25 January 1848 in Marion County, Mississippi.  She was born 29 May 1829 and died 20 February 1898 in Mississippi.  

Bob and Martha are shown together on the 1850 census.  The record indicates they were a young couple then, ages 24 and 20, respectively.  There were no living children in the household at that time.

1850 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg 22

By 1860, several children had been born from the union of Bob and Martha.  They were- Thomas, age 11, Monroe, age 9, Eli, age 7, Ann M.(Margaret Ann) age 6, Gabriella (Martha Gaberline), age 5, and Leazah (Elizabeth), age 4.

1860 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg 9

A decade later, Bob and Martha are still shown in Marion County, Mississippi.  Their household in 1870 included children T.R. (Thomas Robert), age 19, Monroe J. (James Monroe), age 18, Eli (Eli Nathaniel), age 15, Martha A. (Margaret Ann), age 13, Gabrielle (Martha Gaberline), age 11, William E. (William Elia), age 9, Rose C. (Helen Rose?), age 3, Lizzie (Elizabeth V.), age 7, Louise (Louisa M.), age 2, Columbia (Ella?), age 1 month, and William C. (Robert Seaborn), age 4.  There were several spelling and age errors on this record.

1870 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Pg 4

In 1880, Bob and Martha were enumerated in the Water Holes district of Marion County.  Their household then consisted of children William E. (William Elia), age 21, Elizabeth V., age 18, Robert S. (Seaborn), age 16, Helen R. (Rose), age 14, Louisa M., age 12, Elle E. (Ella Elnora), age 10, Sarah F. (Sarah Florence), age 7, and Martha L. (granddaughter, age 5).  By 1880, two sons of Bob and Martha were married and lived nearby.  James Monroe Turnage had married Elizabeth E. Davis and they resided in House #211.  Eli Nathaniel Turnage had married Theodocia Jane Davis and they resided in House #213.  

1880 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Water Holes, Dist 132, Pg  26

I have been unable to find the Robert Daniel Turnage family on the 1900 Census records.  His wife, Martha, had passed away before 1900 so it is reasonable to assume that Robert was either missed on the census that year or could have been living in the household of one of his family members.  The next record of him is the 1910 census, which shows the 86 year old widowed Bob lived in the household of his married son, Seaborn.

1910 Federal Census, Marion County, Mississippi, Beat 4, Dist 0104, Pg 39

Both Bob and Martha were buried in the Turnage Chapel Cemetery, Marion County, Mississippi.  See links below for more information, including information on their children.

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