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James Theodore Warden, Sr, c.1795- GA>Hancock County, MS

The 1820 Hancock County, Mississippi census shows two Warden/Wardeen households next to each other- that of John Wardeen (with 3 males under age 19, 1 male over age 44, and 1 female over age 44) and James Wardeen (with 2 males under age 10, 1 male age 16-25, 1 female under age 10 and 1 female age 16-25).  I speculate that James was the son of John Wardeen.  The two males under age 10 in James' household were probably his sons, William M. and John Jackson Warden.  The female under age 10 remains unidentified. 

James Theodore Warden Sr was born abt. 1795 in Georgia.  He married Martha Chatham probably abt. 1817.  She was born abt. 1800 in Mississippi.  Several family trees on Ancestry have Thomas Chatam and Mariah or Elizabeth (last name unknown) listed as Martha's parents but I haven't yet followed up on them.

In 1830, there were 8 persons in James' household.  They were probably James and his wife, Martha and 7 children under the age of 20- 4 males and 3 females. The 4 males were William, John Jackson, James Theodore Jr, & Jesse; 2 of the females were Elvira and Martha A.  The other female is unidentified.  

On the census of 1840 Hancock County, Mississippi, James and Martha had 7 children in their household (1 male under age 5, 1 male age 10-14, 2 females age 5-9, and 3 females age 10-14).  If all the birth dates/years are approximate in my records, they would account for only 4 of the 7 children- sons Jesse (born abt. 1826) and George Washington (born 1838) and daughters Elvira (born abt 1828) and Martha A. (born abt. 1829).  Their oldest son, William, had married and moved out.  Their son, John Jackson, would have been about 20 years old and son James Theodore Jr would have been about 16 years old so either they had moved out or were incorrectly listed or unaccounted for by the census worker.  If the census is accurate, there are 3 females that are so far unidentified by me.

I have of yet to find census records from 1850 and 1860 for James and Martha. The next record that I have is 1870 Hancock County, Mississippi.  James and Martha were in their 70's and lived alone. 

This is a copy of a document on, originally posted by Floyd Blanchard, that states the content was typed for ease of reading from the original handwritten letter from Martha (Chatham) Warden to her brother, Thomas Chatham who resided in Montgomery, Texas (click on image to enlarge it). 

The letter mentions sons William, John and James and daughters Elvira and Martha.  It doesn't give any hints about the rest of the children or any additional children.  

I'll post updates if and when they become available.

Children of James Theodore Warden Sr and Martha Chatham Warden:
1.  William M. Warden- born abt. 1818 in Mississippi, died after 1880; married Martha Patsy Spikes abt. 1840. She was born abt. 1820 and died after 1880 and was the daughter of Sampson Spikes Sr and Tempa A. Smith.  Click here for more information about them.
2.  John Jackson Warden- born abt. 1820 in Mississippi, died 4 September 1858 in Texas; married Cynthia Bounds.  She was born abt. 1823 in Georgia and died abt. 1860 in Texas.
3.  James Theodore Warden Jr- born 1824 in Mississippi, died before 1900 in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana; married Mary Angeline Lee, daughter of Reuben Lee and Nancy Lee.  She was born 12 September 1828 in Marion County, Mississippi and died before 1900 in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.
4.  Jesse Warden- born abt. 1826 in Mississippi.  No further information.
5.  Elvira Warden- born 18 May 1828 in Mississippi, died 12 February 1905 in Pearl River County, Mississippi; abt. 1850 married Stephen M. Morrison (Marson, Marison).  He was born 13 February 1832 in Hancock County, Mississippi and died 19 June 1922 in Pearl River County, Mississippi. Both are buried in the Pine Grove Baptist Cemetery in Picayune, Mississippi.
6. Martha A. Warden- born abt. 1829 in Mississippi, date of death unknown; married William Dunhurst.  He was born abt. 1818 in Germany, date of death unknown.
7. George Washington Warden- born 2 January 1838 in Hancock County, Mississippi, died 12 October 1915 in Pearl River County, Mississippi.  Married first Sarah Ann Lee on 29 August 1861 in Hancock County, Mississippi.  She was the daughter of John Riley Lee and Arsenith Seale and was born abt. 1842 and died 1867 in Hancock County.  He married second in 1877 to Nancy Caroline Seal, daughter of Elias Jefferson Seal and Sarah Sallie Entrekin.  She was born in July 1857 and died 23 January 1935 in Perkistan, Stone County, Mississippi.

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